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  1. What's scary is the transformer it's connect to is supposed hide under the chair. Because the 9V cells were prone to fail when needed most, I'd put the transformer on a shelf at arm rest height... but on my weak side is all that's available. But if this had melted down when I was asleep... it could have caused a FIRE way too close to my body. I really don't want to go out that way. I wonder of the outfit selling these components will replace it on my say so? Glad I bought a spare... I usually do... because you never know about these cheap widgets.
  2. I'll have to wait until there's someone here so I can try gettng into the truck, the cab step not withstanding. i habe a history of falls & that would really screw up my day. I've likely had MS a long time, the Neurologist who diagnosed me correctly in 2001 went over my records & indicated events going back 15 years at that point. I have been in the later Secondary Progressive phase since 2002. The fact I can still get around on my own at all, means I'm doing better than most in my position.
  3. i have a habit of sleeping in a power recliner... which is great except when the power goes out. The built in (2) 9v transistor radio batteries really don't cut it... so I sliced in (2) 6 in series AA battery holders which is better. The motor is rated 30 volts so I decided to up the power by swappng the 6 series for 8 series AA battery holders (24vdc). I needed 2, so I ordered 3. I swapped my nearly new AA cells in & added new to make my 8 cells in each. Glad I was working on my desk. One of the holders shorted ONE AA cell. The coil spring on the negative was off center & somehow got in contact with the cell case which is positive. Dead short! So the cell quickly became too hot to touch... just that one cell. The battery holder wasn't connected to anything... no other shorts. Somehow I pried the smoking little battery out before anything melted. Yeah, that was fun.
  4. Yes, I'm aware of these other issues but this is a front end/ wheel & brake shop & they've caught things other places missed. My truck is used very little these days is still low mileage. Could it be this simple? I'll let you know as soon as I can get into the truck for a test drive. Yes, the sedentary lifestyle created by my disability has a lot of potential for trouble.
  5. I had my truck in the shop... for some reason they were dragging their feet about getting to it... I was getting annoyed but then I had a 3 day vacation in the ICCU (Intermediate Cardiac Care Unit), after a first ever episode of A-Fib. OH, yeah, after getting evac'ed in a Rescue before breakfast. Home now & getting used to the additional meds besides my existing disability. I've been unhappy with the way the truck tracks... have to constantly be on it making small adjustments. Already did track bar upgrade. He replaced the steering damper... said it was frozen or siezed. ??? We'll see. Had a bunch of routine maintance done since I can't do myself; brake lines, replaced leaking rear axle seal, oil change. Yes, my CC took a hit.
  6. I was among the first to fall into the trap with my personal photos. I will not log into the account which hosts my forum banner. It's still up.
  7. I have kept most of my images on my computer & a back up drive. but every image I've ever posted on any forum... including this one... is linked through PhotoBucket. At least until last Tuesday. If they want to take their business in a different direction, that is their priviledge. To do this without notice... was deliberate. They want to piss of the customer base so wew delete our accounts reducing their costs. I already have. I might have left it there to take up their resources... Only despirate parties will pay the ransom...
  8. I have opened a Postimgage.org account as a stop gap. TinyPic are a PhotoBucket subsidiary... no way! I've been busy actually reading the Terms Of Service for various host sites. I'm thinking of separating different hobbies into different hosts to protect them. I am interested in a low cost site, that I'd own even if it cost a few bucks. THANKS! IF anyone has a PhotoBucket acct & your images are not blocked, I suggest you not log in or use it. I think doing so gives acceptance of their NEW TOS. Images on the forum I Admin (last man standing... I didn't set it up) are still up... in a different PhotoBucket Account. We'll see!
  9. Most really resent the drastic TOS change being made without notice. No grace period, nada. I want to explore affordable alternatives to hosting services.
  10. Like many others, I discovered that PhotoBucket changed it's Terms of Service on the 20th June 2017, when my photo links were blocked. Only a $399 paid account will allow linked photos going forward. Apparently PB is going for a new business model... which includes pissing off your client base. Sites, around the world, are affected. People are unable to retrieve their photos. Little more than legalized extortion. For short term needs, the easy answer is switching to another similar service but incurs the same risk. I don't really need a web site but what do i need for photo hosting? I know photos can generally be copied but still like the option of removing them from the host if need be. I had to do it once. Ideas?
  11. Wife/grand-daughter found mice have chewed rear seat belts trying to get up through hole between seat cushions. After previously finding mice in cabin air filter, we opened the cowel, checked cabin air intake & plugged drains with SS pot scrubbers. She checked the cabin air filter NOW & found it to be fine. This is how the fresh air gets INTO the cabin. We suspect the mice are getting in through the REAR somehow. [My Dodge Avenger has a cabin air OUTLET in the trunk behind the carpeting "near the gas fill". It only goes through the trunk wall, not the outter fender & has a one way flapper on it.] I don't know where the cabin air goes out of the Hundai... it "must have" or it would blow up like a balloon... or no outside air could circulate. I had no luck on Google... Does anybody know where the Hyundai cabin air OUTLET is? It would save me a ton of searching. THX.
  12. I don't know why the shop didn't want to use parts store parts. After I'd suggest he check with Cummins NorthEast, I felt I couldn't refuse. It's home, we are using the truck. No problems. At the end of the day, that's what is important.
  13. I built an extension harness for my 79 Chevy C30... It would plug into the bumper connector & thread under the tailgate inito the truck bed. I reused the harness, I used a hole cutter to clearance he bedliner on the Dodge & then installed the FM plug in the bed wall behind the rear axle. I had to cut the ears off the M plug to feed it through the hole in the bed wall. The harness in now secured along the frame & the M plug is baggied & rides on top of my trailer package F plug under the bumper. It avoided making any cuts in the OEM wiring. & worked perfectly. In recent years, I use solder & heat shrink tubing for trailer wiring. I don't want to be re-doing it EVER!
  14. The damages: Cummins water pump 1 year/100,000 mile guarentee $195 Serpentine belt $65 Thermostat $69 Antifreeze 3.5G $69 Labor $145 Disposal $4.45 Total With Tax $557 Ouch! It sorks paying retail. Picked the truck up... had to drive through heavy traffic both ways... An hour round trip took 2 hours.
  15. I don't know why the mechanic doesn't want to use the AutoZone water pump. I can only guess he desn't trust it. The new pump from Cummins (not reman from Dodge) is supposed to be $100 less than the $275 dealer... so I'm expecting $175. I'm also getting a flush, new coolant, thermostat & belt.
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