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Sometimes it's just easier to buy from the vendors...

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Just posting because I wasted a BUNCH of time trying to build a DIY big line/relocation kit and couldn't do it for much less than Vulcan... so I'm basically venting.I have a new DDRP that I just installed a month or so ago and I've been wanting to relocate it closer to the tank and upgrade to 3/8" lines from tank to VP. I get about 17psi at idle and around 12-13psi at WOT with a new FF but I still want to move it so the pump will last longer etc.I saw the Vulcan Pusher Kit for about $120 + the DDRP bracket $12 + Shipping $15 = $147 and thought there was no way it was worth it.Long story, but after searching all over and finding the parts at different hydraulic and automotive suppliers (plus still needing to order the extended wiring harness and bracket) I ended up around $136 for everything. $11 savings. Not at all worth the trouble of sourcing all the parts and possibly missing something or ordering the wrong item.End of the story - Vulcan is getting my business.

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