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Under bed after market fuel tanks.

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Got mine from Transfer Flow. It's heavy metal and when it arrived, everything I needed was there. Shipping was quick. The installation was easy, but you should have minimum 2 people to install. It's 56 gallons, and if you cap it off just before a run, you can cap it with an additional 5.6 gallons. So it's 61.6 gallons. (Heads Up: They send the vent valves new when you order, but the o-rings are silicon. I had a leaker, and when I went to find an o-ring, I just installed the standard rubber rings and the leak issue went away.)Called AERO in California when looking and the guy I talked to seem rude and did not answer my questions. He must of had something important to do instead of talking to a customer. When I called Transfer Flow, they took the time to answer and asked after each question if I understood and if not he'd walk me through it again. Way different in customer care. Also, when I said I was installing it myself, directed me to the website for installation instructions, then reviewed it with me to make sure I was comfortable with it. Way more help than I needed, but was happy with them.When you order 'any' over size tank, if you have an out of tank lift pump, make sure it's not in the way. (its been a while, but they had the measurements on the webpage). I still have the in-tank lift pump, and with wanting the out of tank pump, need to figure best place to install. It's not a small tank.Personally, I am not to happy with the plastic tank, so the steel made me happier. I'm also thinking of an in-bed addition to add way more range. Been VERY happy with it. But remember, it's a shock to your system when you first fill it up.

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