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  1. Someone gave me a copy of Amsoil Cetane Booster additive and a question popped up. I have read in the past that the cetane rating should be about 50 in grade 2 for a good performance. In the past I read ULSD is more towards 40 to 45. I have yet to hear of anyone using this Amsoil Cetane booster, let alone the actual results of it's use. Had anyone used it ? What did you fine out ? I plan on a 5k round trip early next year and was thinking of trying it for my 1st time. Could same me money or problems if someone knows my answers. Any help ?
  2. I suggest Firestone Destination MT, I have the 285.70.17 and with 1/2 tread left at over 60K, and they are still running strong. But they are far from cheap (or even reasonable) on price.
  3. Yes. it has been around a bit. But every time I see it, when I play it, my wife laughs so hard she almost falls out of the chair. Especially when he describes the mother goose antics.
  4. Riverside is next to the 60 / 15 freeway east of LA and is 'bout 100 miles north of el cajon, which is in the north / east corner of san diego. Welcome to the site Steairn, and you can only trust someone selling a vehicle as far as you can through the vehicle, past that, you pay a mechanic to check it out if your unfamiliar with them.
  5. If your having problems with keeping them clean, Scotch Guard them. When new, I just sprayed the heck out of them. Stunk like all hell until they dried, but with 4 - 5 heavy spray jobs on them, haven't had a problem since. I've done this to all my vehicles since they came out with that stuff, carpets and the rest, like the seats. Cleans easy and repels water. If your carpets have never been treated, clean the heck out of them and give it a try. But give it a good chance to dry fully.
  6. There's an electronic store where I'm at that sells several makes of re-fab devices like computers, laptops and pads. The older salesman and I were shooting the bull and he said, of the re-fab devices, the percent of the units were returned because of problems. Not a very high percent, but well above the returns of the new. Chances are you should return the device and try another, or foot the bill for new. That old man said they had no returns from the re-fab iPads, so far. But electronic devices are like a frustrated 5 year old child. Sometimes you never know what to expect. I bought my wife a new iPad2. She lives on it since she loves to read her books, emails her friends and checks the internet for news. They aren't cheap, but I haven't heard of a problem yet. I only have 11 acres, but she gets reception anywhere on the property. And has yet to have an issue when we travel once she's on a wi-fi signal from the hotel we stay at.
  7. Was the downstream hose from the fuel pump attached or disconnected when they tried before filling it with liquid ?
  8. Were nothing like ya'll up north, normally, but it's warmer than normal down here. Had snow 'bout Thanksgiving day when we shouldn't of. Now end of the year and a very light coat weather ... and rain ? Wonder what's next, sunny in January and snow next July ? PS: hope you all up north don't have it as bad as last winter.
  9. Now this might be going a bit far on this, but: If there were a check valve on the liquid discharged line, then when liquid was pulled from the tank, when not in use, the liquid would not recede back to the tank holding the liquid in the line and pump assembly, (if no line/fitting leaks). Then a temp bleed after the pump to allow liquid to flow, proving no air restriction after the pump and verifying the pump is working correctly ... to that point. (extra parts and testing to prove pumps mechanical ability is with in tolerances) Then any restrictions would be from that point on and proving the pump is fine. Like I mentioned, extra parts and time to verify. But I'd like to mention, when I was installing my fuel pre / final filter setup, I could not obtain a flow. A brand new setup. And after completely disassembling the unit, I found a small piece of red plastic in the inlet fitting that was wedged enough to restrict all flow of liquid. Even though the manufacture said they verified everything was correct before shipping and have no red plastic in the building, something happened and gave me a few minutes extra work. Might had been from the shipping material ? Been after I cleared it, it's been fine since. Someone mentioned this before (debris in unit) and I highly recommend a complete check, if not dismantling it to verify it's clear of debris prior to the next test. Also it can be verified that the impeller tolerance is close enough to cause the liquid to flow. If not, then the impeller will spin and be the source of cavitation. Almost enough variables as there are parts involved ? (Note: sorry I had to edit this, haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet.)
  10. I've like the idea/concept of this style pump and know sooner or later mine will need to be changed. So this is why I like these discussions. But I'm hesitant on buying one due to these issues.The pump concept is good, in principal, and might be exceptional in practice. But they are limited to certain venue. How many other vehicles, besides the Dodge Cummins can use them. So they either have to be good and reliable or they will be out of business very soon, if nothing else but by word of mouth. Why not call the manufacture and explain the issue ? If you try more than they will consider normal, won't they not back their products then ? And of anyone knows of problems like this, they should and what was the remedy was to correct it. Then if there is a product issue, you should get a replacement without cost.If not, I would assume most people would like to know so they won't go to them. And as I said, under those conditions, they would go out of business. As for the bearing size, I can only hope it was engineered properly and tested properly before being out up for sale. I've seen bearings on pumps in refineries that I thought were improper for their size that run 12/7 for years without issues. So I'm listening and still learning. I do have one slight advantage, I still have some time before I have to cross this threshold.
  11. For the first time in a very long time, #2 diesel was $2.98 and 87 octane was $1.98. I pulled into a coffee shop to refresh our cups and to have time to really look the price over, I thought I was dreaming. Was in the wife truck today and fill it. We have the Shell / Kroger discount and this month I get 50 cents off per gallon for the first 35 gallons. Tomorrow I will cap the Dodge off ... for the hell of it.
  12. I found out over time, you can be a squeaky wheel with only a look of being upset. When I bought my Dodge, we selected a truck, had the trade in paperwork completed, the check for the final payment sent to the payment department and waiting for the truck to be brought out. I mentioned to the salesman that he has yet secured the keys and it could be sold by another salesman. He assured as long as the truck was up on his computer, no other salesman could sell it. I asked him if there was a timeout on his computer, and he assured me there wasn't. Then he spent quite a bit of time bantering with the sales manager, other salesmen, answered another customers question and so on. I told him it's getting late, I noticed our trade in truck was cleaned and put on the lot and sold right away, the finance department had closed and I seen the guy with the bag go to the bank, and no new truck for us yet. He assured me, with the sales manager there as long as it was on his screen it was in the process to be brought to me. I went out for a smoke and I seen a truck like I selected pull up and a lady came out with keys, smiling. But she walked past me and handed the keys to a younger gentleman. I was getting pi$$ed and talked to the salesman and the manager. Someone had sold the truck I selected. But they would get me something else I would like and I wanted, Sorry, nothing was like I had selected was on the lot. So they said they will try the next day. I walked into the owners office and had it out with him. It seems they sold my trade in, took the check to there bank and deposited it and the wife and I are without any ride home, and that this old man who is really pi$$ed off did not want a rental for a day or two while they tried to find something. He either had to make me whole or make me happy. (Oh, I mentioned I was going to seek a lawyer and call the local newspaper with this story, a bad PR story.) So I went into the lot again, selected and received the truck I have now, and the additional add ons that were on it ... at no extra cost ... PLUS the registration fees and taxes that were higher was taken care of and additional warrantee ... as long as I would say I was happy when leaving there and letting this drop. Never raised my voice once, just looked pi$$ed off. I'll more than likely never get a deal like that again. And as for that AutoZone issue I had, it seems like several others have had the same problem and the store manager has changed and different employees are there. might consider going back and trying again, but in no hurry.
  13. I would like to have a dealership like this. Most I deal with now can answer most general questions about their tires, (I can find these answers from websites) but really don't know who actual manufactures them.
  14. I understand when they are busy with customers and you need to wait your turn ... BUT ... when you are next and your telling them what they want or need, then the young employee attending you stops in the middle of your sentence to answer a personal text or cell call crosses a line. It's bad enough the kid orders the wrong part, or some other screw up, but this takes the cake. That is why I will not go to the local AutoZone. I like they try to help the upcoming next generation get a foot hold in the working environment, but it's not helping them allowing them to feel their personal life is more important then the paying customer that assist in their paycheck. I know this sound like an old man, (and I am), I miss the old days and the way they treated customers / people.
  15. We have the same in TN with Krogers and Shell. This month I should get 50 cents off per gallon for up to 35 gallons. I would like to see this administration get off their rear ends and pass the XL pipeline, with that flowing it would help keep the prices low. And it wouldn't matter much if OPEC wants to cut production rates. If XL were running, OPEC would have to cut enough to hurt themselves before they would hurt us. And Putin would be crying. But hate to mention this, but there might be a jump in prices for a bit. This is the time of the year refineries do their turn-a-rounds. That mean they will shut down certain units, totally rebuild them as needed for the next run. Usually the coast raise is known on the west coast since they consume more per family per year than the rest of the country, and their politicians need to money to spend. (I'm glad I don't live there anymore).
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