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  1. I just found my first truck, not the actual one, but close enough. 1974 D100 stepside, 318 auto.
  2. I like it. Still need to adjust the height if the beams. I also am waiting for the Lee flasher to arrive so I can take it in the road.
  3. Some wiring cleanup and it's complete
  4. Found the problem, bent pin in the main headlight connection, thanks to Jeremy from retroshop.com for walking me through the troubleshooting
  5. Ok I must have missed something, I only have high beams
  6. My ballast mount for the passenger side. I used countersunk hardware for the ballast, 3M double sided tape for the other black boxes
  7. Mike, where did you mount all the wiring doo-dads?
  8. banzaitoyota


  9. Ordered my set today for TOW-PIG! Now to wait....
  10. It's the dedicated MIG, MIGMAX215. Works well as a hobbyist level machine. I TIG with the Miller on the bottom
  11. $800 shipped for the front and rear kit. 3/16" plate
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