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  1. banzaitoyota


  2. Magic beads aren't going to correct an out of round condition. Have them skim cut and I am willing to wager, your vibration issue will go away
  3. Rickson Rims and Treadwright tires
  4. I have Rickson 19.5s. I have them trued and balance on the truck. Makes all the difference in the world
  5. I havr6run the mechman for a while, great unit
  6. banzaitoyota

    Air filter recommendations?

    BHAF,lasts forever
  7. banzaitoyota

    Another ECM Toasted? 0606 death code

    I run a 240 amp Mechman alternator. Pricey, but bulletproof
  8. banzaitoyota

    Power Steering Fluid Leak

    I just did mine with a rebuilt unit from advanced (A1 Cardone); unit has a low howl when underload. I need to contact them and see what my options are. BTW do yourself a favor and pull the ps/vacuum pump as a unit
  9. banzaitoyota

    Lost another alternator...

    My Mechman is going strong also
  11. LAst time I checked, you said it was in development. Sent a PM a couple months ago inquiring and no response.........
  12. Well Crap, I thought that was out yet! :-)
  13. The sage of the leaking cooler lines continues. In Dec 2014 replaced the hard line from the cooler to the transmission, it started leaking. Thought it was the rubber hose with the PITA connector. Bought a replacement from NAPA, it leaked worse than when I started. Took it back apart and found it cracked by the ferrule in the hard line. NAPA replaced it under warranty. Now the line from the front cooler to the block mounted cooler is split. The replacement line is 95.00 NAPA/ 67.00 AMAZON. Just frustrated. Anyone changed out all the line for something different?