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  2. Sorry to hear and read you're going through this ordeal Mike. I see some talk about oils here and just thought i'd post this for anyone interested in reading it. I'm not a CBD oil user or user of any kind actually, but was recently made aware of this guy who happens to be from the same province as I am. I wont get into a big speal ,it's best to read the article on his site and he also shows the process of making it. Interesting read. Click the RSO link on the top of his page https://phoenixtears.ca/
  3. Realizing this is an old post i'll ask anyway. Did you upgrade the hydraulics to the South bend kit at any time? I recently did the 1947 OD I believe it was with the new flywheel, quite dissapointed in the clutch to be honest. Told the seller I wanted driver friendly as my wife trailers a lot, but upon replacing the clutch IMO its not close to driver friendly. Clutch pushes extremely stiff, even tho I understand a heavier pressure plate needs to hold up. Contacted South Bend and they said they don't even know if the hydraulic kit would do anything for me. I have a couple inches of working pedal, clutch engages maybe inch and a half off the floor. The seller will cut me a deal on the hydraulic kit to try to help me out, in saying that he doesn't think it will fix my issue. The clutch holds the power, but knowing all I probably would've just stayed with a stock clutch and got rid of the programmer
  4. Anyone running these bulbs on their 2nd gen ? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/121613143001
  5. Flipped the belt around and seemed to quiet it down. I do notice though my new AC compressor makes some sqqeaking noise when it cuts in. May have to return that
  6. No I've never tried one, guess I just assumed theyd be the same company making them. May have to inquire
  7. I'm half way there..it drives me nuts! Especially when I can't get rid of it. Could mean the sale of a truck
  8. Surprisingly enough, i've yet too hear mine do that in the 14 years i've owned it
  9. Been dealing with the same issue for about a year and a half.. Had just the every day Gates belts on and they would be good for a bit then the swooshing noise nice starts. Since the start of this i've put I think 3 cheaper belts on and then went to the Carquest commercial Gates belt as mentioned about. Problem was fixed for three or four months and then after getting my truck out from storage this winter it started again. I too the belt off and cleaned all the pulleys and wire brushed them, bought another new belt figuring the other one just got hard or something from sitting all winter, and the new one took my noise away completely...for maybe a week. Now its back! Soon ready to sell the dam truck if I can't get it stopped as noises like that drives me nuts
  10. Thanks very much for the reply Dieselfuture
  11. Did a clutch swap in my NV5600 and lost some of the fluid. I just changed the fluid last spring so would just like to add to it to get the proper amount rather than draining it out and putting new in. (Fluid still looks clear) No idea how much I lost so don't know how much to put back in. Top it off until it comes up over the gears be a stopping point or is that too much? I should add I know theres the plug on the side to check, but I cant remember how far up past the plug it went last time I put the extra bottle in..thats why I ask the question thanks
  12. 32 views and nobody can give any advice?
  13. Took my shifter knob off, kind of mangled the knob prying the shift pattern indicator out, whats the easiest way to put it back in as it's larger then the opening due to the ridge that locks it in place when its in
  14. I knew there wasn't something right about this pump from the first time I drove it. Discovered today they sold me the wrong pump (16X) . The correct one will be here by Friday
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