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One of those Oh Crap Moments!!

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So glad this wasn't me! It appears something happened to the wires causing them to hang too low. Until these (2) 18 wheelers took them down. One North bound, one South bound. Actually, early today, Sunday morning, they were supposed to put them back up. These were High Voltage supp;y lines. Lucky no one way killed, either electrically or in the pile up following. If National Grid was at fault, we'll never hear any more about it! Russ NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. -- Massachusetts State Police said a truck driver was injured when his northbound tractor-trailer rig struck overhead power lines that sagged across Interstate 95 in North Attleborough. The accident closed the highway for more than two hours Thursday afternoon between exits 4 and 5, backing up traffic for miles. Police said truck driver, identified as 45-year-old Joseph Irorere, of Brockton, stopped, got out of his rig and suffered an electrical shock. He was taken to Sturdy Memorial Hospital, where he was in stable condition. "He sustained an electrical burn. The person right behind him, the way I understand it, was a doctor. He was able to assist in the treatment of this individual," said Deputy Chief Glenn Livesey of the Attleboro Fire Department. Police said a second tractor-trailer on the southbound side of the interstate also struck the power lines and stopped. He was not injured. Police said at least four cars were damaged. The highway reopened after National Grid utility workers shut down power to the lines and removed them. National Grid said it's investigating why the wires sagged so low. NBC 10 News contributed to this report. Story with picture: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/2012/aug/17/7/sagging-power-lines-blamed-i-95-mess-ar-1140081/

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