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97 Cirrus LXi... to go through it or buy another Daily Driver??

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OK, I didn't pick this car out, inherited it from Mom with 5 years / 8000 miles on the clock. I have gotten used to this car & even with my disability, I can get in & out ok. I've run it up to 120K. I ran KBB on it & it would be worth 1700 if I go through it.

We must pay property tax on vehicles here (OUCH!!) and the tax man figures it on a NADA in best condition... So NADA on a 15 year old whatever is low but a new one would be steep. (On the bright side, they don't know that the Dodge/Cummins is worth more than NADA book!)

Body is better than average, a few minor scratches it came with... a bunch of tree sap that needs to be removed again. (I'm convinced the squirrels are eating the pine cones so the tree I must park under drips sap. Better the Cirus, than the Cummins.)

Leather interior... no rips, just needs a vacume. (Wife keeps saying it's in terrible condition... because it's dirty, I can't clean it & no one else will help me. Oh, & it has a cassette player I never use anyway.) The only thing that doesn't work is the driver's power mirror.

Tires are new (wear item)

The transmission lines rusted out & were replaced with rubber (multiple failures & take backs)... but I'm hearing noise that sounds like the transmission to me.

The timing belt hasn't been replaced so that package needs to be done... TB, water pump, etc.

The heater core is seeping & sometimes fogs the windshield... needs replacement.

Had a stone crack the windshield recently... can file an insurance claim...

To do the work it needs will clearly cost more than 1700. But if I do it, can I run it another 50K?

I think it depends on the transmission. If it's a rubber line failure, think I fix it. If the tranny needs to come out, time to walk away.

- - - Updated - - -

I wanted to add... that if I can get another 50K miles out of it... it's worth more than that nominal book value to ME. Because I'd be driving it, NOT selling it.

Unless I were to buy somerthing NEW, I'd risk buying someone else's headache & have to do a lot of the same repairs to the NEW to me used car.

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I personally would be leaning towards keeping it for the simple fact that you know the history of the car. I tend to hang on to vehicles for many years because Im more comfortable with something Ive owned, driven, and maintained then to have to buy someone elses headaches. If it were me I would have the trans looked into, and if it is ok it would be a no brainer. New vehicles are not worth the money IMO by the time you pay them off youve got a used car with the same problems the car you traded it in for had. The best part about what youve got going for you, is its paid for.

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I took the Cirrus in... It didn't get worked on with the short week of Thankgiving. They diagnosed it as the Power Steering pump on it's way out. I decided to go ahead, replaced PS pump, timing belt, water pump, heater core, serpentine belt. I have the car back. Nothing wrong that liberal application of cash couldn't fix.

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