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Dirty Common Rail Injectors

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Dirty Common Rail Injectors.

There are many Cummins guys now days who have a concern about the particulates emitting out of the tailpipes of their Mighty Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesels. With all the scrutiny we all are under and emissions testing common throughout the USA.

This is just a little discussion about common rail injectors and the myth that ALL larger aftermarket injectors are Dirty. While there are some CR injectors out there that ARE filthy dirty, not all fall into that category. Done correctly, a larger than stock injector can offer much better flow efficiently AND remain clean.

On the real serious higher output injectors, one needs tuning and one needs to do it properly.

Enjoy this correspondence borrowed from a forum post.

Exergy gives, IIRC, something like 30 days to return your cores before then

charge you for them. So 100% overs from Exergy are still cheaper than BBi's.

I was also talking to Gordon and he was telling me Les was tuning a guy with

stage 3's and compound garrett's and they are very dirty. Said he had to do

a lot to get them to run half way clean. I'll stick with Exergy. Have yet to

hear/see any bad things about their injectors.

Dirty? We've yet to see ANY injector that flows close to what BBi's do,

that burn nearly as clean. Stage 3's are capable of up to 1200 rwhp. Tuning required ? Yes sir! We're getting reports back from several tuners that are decreasing duration back, to levels they've never experienced before. Dirty ? I think not. We refer to that as flow. Smooth, linear, consistent, PRECISE flow. One recent example. We have a customer that was planning to achieve 1200 rwhp. 3's can achieve that at the upper end, while 4's can produce that while loafing. Said customer teetered on the decision of which product to choose. Ultimately deciding to go with the 4's. Thinking he'd pull back duration with the larger injectors, as opposed to cranking it up with the "smaller" injectors. (3's are not small) He was previously running a US injector companies "300 hp" units. With his 300's, he was running approx. 2800 jus of duration in the upper end. With the BBi Stg. 4's he ended up backing that duration off to 1700jus. Before backing down he had an additional 10 psi of boost. Backing down duration to 1700jus brought boost back down 10 psi & the change gave him a MUCH cleaner running truck. With his old 300’s he dynoed at 1040 rwhp uncorrected. 1015 corrected. He's yet to get back on the dyno, but is convinced he has a substantial power improvement.

So to sum up, the same tuning netted him the 10 additional pounds of boost. He kept pulling back duration until he achieved the same peak boost. Which was the 2800 value back to 1700 which netted him the same overall boost. But it's now cleaner & meaner :)

On the big ones good tuning is needed.

Another example. Take a look at these emissions testing sheets on a 2012 with stage BBi Stage 1.5s. Lets let these sheets do the talking. This shows what a well engineered injector is capable of as far as emissions particulates go. http://smartyresource.com/images/2012%20Emissions%20Test.pdf This truck is set up a bit simpler. Smarty JR on level 1 and all defaults. STG 2 compressor upgrade on the charger also.

This example should show that those wanting the best quality Injector for an efficient increase of power can have the power and run clean too.




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