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  1. Every day I get correspondence or calls from Dodge Ram 5.9 HPCR owners wondering how to address the WTSL indicator coming up on their dash. Although one can utilize the Smarty to turn that off, the wise choice is to investigate your HPCR fuel system. The link guides you to the article and a TSB from Chrysler which assists in searching for a solution. :/ https://smartysupport.com/forums/topic/383-fuel-system-issues-causing-illumination-of-the-wtsl-on-your-59-dodge-ram-cummins/ https://smartysupport.com/ .
  2. Smarty Touch/MM3 First Custom Tune Flash Fail New owners of either the Smarty Touch or MM3, I'm sure this applies to those running a RaceME as well, if you have never updated your tuner and upon attempting to write a custom tune you have received you get an error message stating "VIN # LOCKED..... https://smartysupport.com/forums/topic/228-smarty-touchmm3-first-custom-tune-flash-fail/
  3. Nothing added to the fuel and -23 might be an issue. As to the Smarty only getting to 99 percent, you have a communication issue. New batteries but are they up to 12.6 as the ecm requires to take a flash? Https://smartysupport.com Also confirm cables are in good shape. Which Smarty model? Clean connections and utilize dielectric grease.
  4. Good afternoon, I remember visiting over @ https://smartysupport.com Have you posted over at the Smarty Support site for our team members to assist?
  5. Have there been a lot of issues caused by the AFM on the new gen 14+ 5.3's? I have heard of many with the earlier AFM engines but havent heard of issues yet with the new gen engines. My parts runner ("15 1500) I also utilize M5 when possible just to disable that dang AFM. The AFM is annoying to me as well and with the Hi Flow muff is certainly audible when it changes. The wifes classic body style 1500 with no afm on the 5.3 with over 200k still runs sweet and my old 2001 Tahoe with 300k did as well before I sold it. Thankfully no AFM on our 15 Camaro. So @dorkweed , the Range box simply plugs into the OBD connector? When removed, Undetectable if the GM warranty is needed? I had considered a tune but the only thing that truck needs imo is to disable the AFM.
  6. Here is a write up by Smarty UDC Pro RT Custom Tuner Rob D discussing controlling the operation of the exhaust brake on the 5.9 Cummins Turbo Diesel Dodge Ram trucks 1st thing, the ecm CAN control the exhaust brake in an 05 to work reliably and quite well. After comparing the 05 to the 06 48RE trucks (the 06 did come with a factory exhaust brake option) I can see some parameters that the 2006 auto 5.9 Cummins has the the 2005 auto 5.9 Cummins trucks don't. There has been some speculation on why the 05 didn't come with the brake and most of what I read seems to indicate folks thought the 2005 48RE wasn't tough enough for exhaust brake function for "some" reason. I don't believe that is the case.......... https://smartysupport.com/forums/topic/332-why-the-2005-59-cummins-auto-didnt-come-with-an-exhaust-brake/
  7. Thank you to Rob D, professional Smarty Touch and Smarty MM3 UDC Pro RT custom tuning guru. https://smartysupport.com/articles.html/articles/how-the-48re-transmission-really-works-r23/ Rob has done some great things with utilizing Smarty UDC Pro to handle 48RE transmission tuning for the Dodge Cummins trucks.
  8. Thank you for your Smarty S-03 tuning article Pepsi! https://smartysupport.com/articles.html/smarty-s-03/tuning-with-a-s
  9. The reliability record for the BBi Remanufactured injectors is superb. Like the New BBi Injectors the Remanufactured line of BBi's have great reviews. The quality control they put these thru is thorough. Furthermore all components are upgraded to the newer revised updated components designed for longevity such as what the Brand New BBi Injectors have. These BBi Injectors for the Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel are available thru https://smartysupport.com Please let us know if you desire further information on the BBi injectors! Thank you!
  10. Finally got it working on my 05 auto today! Everything necessary for the ecm to run an exhaust brake is already in the ecm for 04.5 and 05 trucks, it just has to be "turned on". The reason an exhaust brake works on an 06 and 07 from the factory is they turned it on in the code at the factory. The 04.5 and 05 trucks have the same parameters in the ecm but were not activated at the factory. https://smartysupport.com/forums/topic/317-ecm-controlled-exhaust-brake-on-20045-and-2005-59-cummins-with-48re-automatic-transmission/
  11. Our articles pages at SmartySupport.com are coming along nicely. Managing your EGT's are mandatory for the long life of your Cummins Turbo Diesel. https://smartysupport.com/articles.html/articles/managing-exhaust-gas-temperature-with-your-smarty-tuner-r22/
  12. Prepping to load Mikey up asap and blow this joint... :thumbup:
  13. Keep the prayers coming for a quick recovery guys. Mopar Mom , my wife, and myself are waiting in his hospital room. Mike is ready to be wheeled in here shortly from the recovery room. He has his laptop so I expect he will visit with you gents tomorrow.
  14. It does make it a bit of a challenge.
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