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  1. Hello got a 2x4 03 truck that has 4x4 light comes on in dash and has 3 codes which involve 4x4 in computer that my smarty won't erase any thoughts.
  2. OK guys got 2003 2x4 truck has p-0839 p-0838- p-0837 codes with are voltage releaded for 4x4 truck why is this on a two wheel drive thanks.
  3. Ok guys my 05 had vibration at idle give a little fuel would go away so search forums i looked and thought about problem took to a shop they keep it a week no luck on problem so went to pick up truck paid bill .Went to leave in truck turn key on adjusted my edge attitude to stalk it was on 3 started truck guess what vibration was gone it shook cab mirrors seat terrible.( So the edge was problem its been on truck since brand new with 170,000 miles now .its been good but time to buy new programmer looking for recommendations i tow 16k rv not in to crazy power I'm not a computer whiz i use a mac
  4. Hello thanks i run a edge juice no hot rod just pull a rv i just want something reliable i could buy new but like to have my trans rebuilt and upgrade both so if bbi rebuilt would run then that would be fine i assume you no others running the rebuilt bbi with out issues thanks.
  5. Hello again so how are bbi rebuilt injectors will they work or just buy brand new ones thanks. by the way im just looking at pre maintance trucks runs starts good got 17000 miles on it 4 original injectors one when it had 30 thousand on it one at a hundred should i just add a 2 micron filter drive it or change them same about the trans we travel const so been thinking about the warranty on trans talk to amscott transmission there 4000 but they have shops world wide so what's your opinion thanks.
  6. ok guys are injector direct injectors any good for a 05 they advertise oem bosh injectors for 1999 dollars are they good or junk thanks
  7. O k fellows i have a 2005 170.000 miles transmission works fine but thinking of pre maintance we travel construction i pull 16.000 lb rv worry about breaking down on the road i no there several places to get a trans but I'm concerned about a warranty . also thought about upgrade vb and tc and drive it or just drive it. So if a person does what i do to make a living thoughts on best thing to do with it i drive the truck little bit but pull rv couple times a year located now in raleigh nc
  8. 2005 dodge ram 3500 vibrates at idle seems if you put in gear gets better has 1.70000 on it one owner runs great good fuel mileage edge tuner on it since new this vibration you can feel in the seat also any ideas,, ALSO trans has never been messed with except flush fluids clean not burned i was wondering if i change tore converter and maybe updated valve body might head of a problem i tow a 16 thousand pound rv around the country. IDEAL ALSO THANKS
  9. moparman don't no axel ratio but at 65mph I'm turning 1800 and have 265-75-16 tires
  10. ok guys my 2002 fuel mileage sucks iv had different issues with it had a miss at idle changed injectors fixed miss put dap 50hp in it got a edge ez tuner fass pump boost gauge about 10 on it when getting in it and about 4-5 driving 55 fuel pressure 20lb idle 16 down highway iv checked fuel mileage in town about 13 mph . so could tuner or injector cause bad fuel mileage i mean shouldn't it get a little better i drive like a old man thanks.
  11. OK guys when checking for boost leak do i plug off air horn when i pump it up to 20lbs it don't hold very long i bought tester looked at tube didn't find no good info but installed boost gauge it makes 20 when mashing skinny pedal down 4lb at 50 and holds it 6-8 at 70 holds it could i still have leak its a automatic thanks
  12. treed how is borg warner s366sxe and would it work on this 02 sorry don't no much about turbos thanks.
  13. no i don't but do you no any thing about cordone turbos thanks
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