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  1. hey has anyone heard anything on this project @Quadzilla Power looking forward to getting one thanks
  2. oh im sorry i thought it was posted as 285/75 16 my apologies earlier my bad. ok i was speaking for OP he stated his tire size was 285/75/16 which is close to a 33 inch tire
  3. yes for sure thank you I did actually did replace that with new ring terminal cause when I started cleaning it up things were getting worse so i changed it. yeah I know working on going over them and cleaning and or replacing them as i go been working on electrical now for a week thanks for the input this forum is such a great place.
  4. OK thank you so very much sir I thought they were all grounds but was not sure where they got mounted or best place to mount them and as you can see they are missing a few bolts that mount the fender really aggravated how this came back to me
  5. OK guys I had A guy put on new fenders and repaint my 01 well all the wires did not get put back on and or connected having trouble on location of a couple wires go can someone post a pic or give me a location where these wires go thanks in advance this is on the drivers side of truck
  6. I had this happen to me and i just took it to a local TV and electronics repair place and had it soldered back on cost like 15-20 dollars
  7. it may not be the screen did you try to unplug it at the obd port for a minute or so then plug back in or mess with the usb port at gauges like wiggle it around the ports on these things are horrible i had one break off of the board on me
  8. Congrats on the win enjoy your new found power
  9. well @Quadzilla Power how is this new monitor coming along can I just buy one yet really would like to have one for my adrenaline
  10. 24vcumminspower


  11. cash in hand waiting to order i am ready for this thing to come available
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