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  1. I am assuming it has latest tuning and will need a new Vin license? cause of used original Vin Thanks
  2. Should be in between fuel rail and master cylinder for brakes ziptied up on firewall with wire harness with dummy plug in place you get it in and all hooked up let me know how you like it thanks
  3. I still have had no luck with getting vehicle selection on this thing even going to older version . Does it take a special connection to get vehicle selection? Just not sure why it wont work on this but has on others.
  4. ok ill work on that thank you
  5. the app version 1.9.43 works with the android 4.4.2 but the newer 1.9.45 does not from what i am seeing is there a way i can get the older version of the app to put on my device to use
  6. but I have other devices running that OS that work ok but they also have been on there a while also app states that it works with 4.0 and up just kind of weird trying to use android gps unit cause it comes on automatically with power just like a monitor
  7. loaded the app on an older android device running 4.4.2 and i only have demonstration in vehicle selection nothing else why could this be
  8. maybe a TIPM issue i know some of these trucks had issues with them
  9. Any updates on this monitor or when we may be able to purchase one @Quadzilla Power thanks
  10. timing may not be affected by it but i think fueling would be just like coolant temp changes fueling if your coolant temp is low your going to use more fuel
  11. also can check air intake temp cause i think that would contribute as well
  12. here you go hope it helps img001.pdf img002.pdf img003.pdf
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