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  1. timing may not be affected by it but i think fueling would be just like coolant temp changes fueling if your coolant temp is low your going to use more fuel
  2. also can check air intake temp cause i think that would contribute as well
  3. here you go hope it helps img001.pdf img002.pdf img003.pdf
  4. if you tap the throttle it will shut down is how the quad works
  5. I have a 2006 ecm/pcm pin out diagram of wires coming or going to ECM/PCM on side of block
  6. i was thinking also TV cable had that problem on my 01 did the same crap found a frayed cable was keeping the valve from returning all the way.
  7. @hdpwipmonkey Thank you so much for the info and checking that for me I appreciate it . Don't know why I thought it was lower
  8. OK well then engine load is right at same as TPS% if that is correct I thought that is why the old comp tune was set to start fueling at 20% because cruising was usually under that %
  9. I agree but same route I take all the time with close to same conditions and flat ground
  10. OK guys looking to what you guys have for throttle position percentage reading at 70 MPH cruise with 3:55 gears and 47RE trans thinking mine is a little high from what I can remember but I could be wrong mine is at like 24-25% at 70MPH cruise I thought was usually around 17% before just can not remember??? Thanks in advance reading from quadzilla adrenaline
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