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  1. ROWlegend


  2. Well fellas it appears the connector was the culprit the whole time! It's working good and I can load tunes without issues!! Thanks for the help everyone and Quad for fixing it all!!
  3. I appreciate it Quad! Look forward to a bad a** unit coming soon!
  4. Nice job! I routed my coax through the rear pillar instead and through the rear flooring. Mounted my Galaxy 66 in the same position but used floor mount fabricated from 1/4" x 2" flat stock shaped to the floorboard and fastened to the floor and right up the side of the radio. Its worked very well through all the rouh terrain i travel with that heavy radio. I had thought about making an attachment point to the seat frame as well but, it didnt need it. Nice clean install sir!
  5. Think i should try to fix the wires and go at it again? I not sure i have those connectors. Wierd how they all 4 are 'broken' so evenly.
  6. It's Nick's Long Idle flash. This is what happened when I was disconnecting the BT module from the harness to ship back this time. It came apart completely, all four wires. Odd. So I will be shipping it back tomorrow. Is there am extension for the BT module wiring where I can run it inside the cab for better connection? Since it's fell apart now would be the time to add 4' of wire, lol.
  7. I had no idea I could include the BT module. Yes I agree, you had no way of knowing I had a V2 flash on the Adr module. Unless, it was hooked to a computer where it shows that info. I have mixed feedback from the flash to V2 I did yesterday. The black box shows it flashed successful but also shows it had issues. Not sure which line of info to believe. I'm going to Costco to buy a brand new tablet specifically for the Iquad and nothing else, today. Maybe having a new and dedicated device will solve some issues. see the conflicting lines 'devcon failed' and 'access denied'
  8. Wow, check engine light now. Quad can't connect to Iquad on the newest device. Old phone connects but can't upload tunes. No build date in data log. Almost like brand new. Sent it in to get flashed and updated, old eyes picked a v1 tune, quad flashed and sent back to me before telling me it was FML!! Can't catch a friggin break or a decent pile of $600 firewood.
  9. Alright, module returned back to me now. Version 1.9, tune 1007. Guess i picked the wrong tune for the v2.0 flash. Now im starting to reflash to current version. Wish me luck!
  10. Yes sir, that's what I'm doing. It will cost me $25 for the service plus shipping. The last amount I will ever spend on that device. Of it was over $50 total,, it would be in the classifieds already.
  11. Ya @Mopar1973Man, @Me78569 and I had some sidebar chat and tried everything. His suggestion was send it in. We both feel something isn't right in the box. It's only been in use maybe 1500 miles, lol but it's never worked correctly. I had bought it long ago and it sat in the package for several months while I tore the whole truck down and rebuilt everything but the short block. It was always in a dry room and never dropped. Not sure what could have caused am issue. Hope I can still drive the truck without it, maybe remove map harness? Anyway, in a month or so I will try again for the last time.
  12. Ok, thought you sent another one besides the original nick tune. Yes it seems to load fine. Sending the box back to Quadzilla.
  13. Where is the revised tune sir? If it is somehow on my app now, it did load.
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