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  1. So I picked up a 70 gallon Freightliner tank for good deal, to use as an aux tank in the truck. I'm now looking into the mounting of said tank. I got the truck's tank straps and mounts, but I don't see a viable option to use these just yet, as far as mounting goes.. The tank is 23D x 41L. Anyone here done this before with a similar tank? If so, pics? Thank ya, Rogan
  2. I'm kinda diggin that... like alot. John, how'd you like that windshield shade? worthwhile? I'm 5'9, so my short *** can see that location really easy..
  3. I bought one, so I'll do a write-up/review, once I get my engine back together. ;) HAH!!! I love how it says "wear safety glasses"...
  4. (for info purposes) BHAF Donaldson Air Filter Primary Duralite- B085011 BHAF = Big Honking Air Filter Brand - DuraLite Efficiency - 99.9% Efficiency Test Std - ISO 5011 Family ECB Rated Flow HR - 469.69 CFM Rated Flow LR - 278.99 CFM Rated Flow MR - 399.06 CFM Restriction HR - 7.99 MM H2O Restriction LR - 4.02 MM H2O Restriction MR - 5.98 MM H2O Style - Round Type - Primary Filter Cross Reference: AC DELCO-A1
  5. I've been looking for pics/videos of people that use/install them to see how it looks, fits, etc, but it's not an easy thing to find (especially in video form)..
  6. UPDATES: Front diff assembly looked fine, no play. fluid was super clean, no metal anything came out. Does not 'pop' when no front driveshaft is in (duh...) Front driveshaft is timed, u joints and cardan joint is fine.. *one* u-joint cap is spinnable by hand, which is odd, but not issue-causing Rear driveshaft is fine, true, not bent, no bad joints (it's one-piece DS) Rear output shaft seal leaks a tad; it's just over a year old, since t-case rebuild. Removed both shafts, removed tailshaft housing and snapring Can't get the case to separate; Permat
  7. 3.55s was a guess.. I found out after the fact that it's 3.73/4.10.. It is a 6MT so it's listed as 3.73. I'll drain the t-case soon, but wanted to test everything else I could before doing that, It's really weird that this same 'symptom' keeps coming back, even with a replacement t-case. I'll drop the front diff cover, maybe today, to see what that looks like.. I don't think it will be a diff, but you never know. It did this same noise before I did the t-case conversion, and didn't do it after I swapped them.. Until now. I also found out that the MCSB SRW is 160.3" wb, and the
  8. So, working on my problem child again.. 2008 MC 3500 SRW 6.7L 6MT 4WD.. Original tcase took a dump, due to a randomly-engaging 4wd motor. Truck has 150k / 6400hrs on it currently. Rebuilt the 273D tcase, replaced all gears, seals, bearings, chain, bushings, etc. shafts were fine. 7 moths later, it **** the bed, with the motor trying to engage 4WD randomly, regardless of speed; switch in 2WD position. Tried sourcing a local 271D and convert to manual shift. Couldn't find a 271D but found a 271F. VERY minimal differences in the two, with one being shift pattern and the other bei
  9. I'm not "brand-religious" (except for Dodge), so I don't care what name is on it, just wanna make sure whatever I get is dependable; be it Draw-Tite, B&W, Curt, Capt. Crunch, idc.
  10. From pictures, the Curt does look to be more 'stamped steel' ish..
  11. What's you guys' thoughts on brands, Curt vs B&W? They both seem to have same class weight (7500TW, 30K Total). the B&W looks to be built a little heavier, but I've never laid physical eyes on a Curt setup, so I can't really speak to them. From what I'm seeing, the Curt is about 75-100$ cheaper, on average. Thoughts?
  12. View Advert ISO underbed gooseneck for my 08 3500 Looking for a gooseneck hitch setup for my '08 3500. Prefer someith in the Mid-Atlantic area (WV/VA/MD/PA/NC kinda area).. LMK what you have, if you have anything Advertiser Rogan Date 08/14/2020 Price $123.45 Category 3rd Generation Dodge Ram  
  13. I know with my beater 2008 Malibu and my wife's GLK350, it was all about bulb-clocking. If it's not at 3-9 with the LEDs, it'll scatter horribly. However, both of those are single-element bulb-design (H7, H11). With the 2/3G Ram, it's dual-element, which I've had no experience with.
  14. Yeah, I generally use my 28oz deadblow hammer. Sometimes (often) it won't separate the halves, though. My buddy made a tool that would spread tongs apart (kinda like a scissor-jack or snap-ring pliers) to fit between the lugs on the tcase, but he can't find it now.. it worked like a boss!
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