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  1. About 5 yrs-ish. this issue has been about the last 5-6 months.
  2. @AH64ID you got any thoughts on this? Today, I was able to get it to do it climbing a 3%, 5th gear, 60mph, empty, no trailer.. "Ding! See Dealer now" 5 secs later rpms drop and drop.. downshift, try to keep pushing up the hills as there's nowhere to pull over.. this goes on for about 20 secs, then it picks up like nothing happened..
  3. LOL IDK what to tell you; I'm 2:2 on G56 GRO
  4. Vehicle Nickname: Dudley Date Added To The Garage: 2021-07-11 Garage Link: Dudley
  5. Yeah, I wished it would give me a code, or be a little more explanatory, but that's too much to ask for, I'm sure. lol Prolly one of those 'hidden, dealer only' codes.
  6. You shouldn't in the NV4500. My old 4500 with Valair 3650 DD didn't either. Both the MC and the Crew Cab (G56 in both) have insane gear rollover noise. Sitting idle, in neutral, and under load, sub 1500rpm. The MC has a Valair 3600 DD and the CC has a SB3600DD. The MC has 150k on it, the CC has 295k. Put the same style clutch in my old 2004 5600 and no rollover noise; a quick search on googly shows I'm definitely not the only one. It's weird.
  7. I have those same headset in a desk drawer; the best place for 'em. 100% agree, they're not loud enough, and they pick up everything, mic-wise.
  8. the noise I'm referring to isn't the steel disc. it's the gear-rollover of the G56, that the 5600/4500 doesn't suffer from. This is caused by the stock DMF of the G56 being replaced.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Sony-XAV-AX100-Bluetooth-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B07MWCN7J6/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=sony+xav-ax100&qid=1626010056&sr=8-3 This is what I have. But they're apparently went up in price.. lol
  10. The Sony is android-based. IDGAF much anymore about what brand I use, provided it functions as intended with my desired operational bells. BTW, Kenwood is really JVC now.. Also, the Sony has separate BT volume settings, so I can have the radio at, say, volume 20, and if I take a call, the BT is at volume 40, or whatever I set it to. Side Note: I used to be a MECP-Certified Master Installer for mobile electronics (not that THAT means much, I'm sure)
  11. OE clutch? Sure, it's quiet. Put a DD in it, and it's a different animal when the stock flywheel is replaced.
  12. 160k miles on it. G56, RaceMe Tuner, deleted. Truck has newish Bosch injectors (OE), 5" exhaust, stock airbox, deleted egr/dpf, etc. Recently, it's developed this issue of falling on it's face when hooked up to something (dump trailer, hay wagon, etc). It does it empty, or not. I have Alfa OBD, and hooked up, and I see the following: No codes that I find. When it falls on it's face, it dings and I get the 'see dealer now' message.. After about 5 secs, it picks up where it left off and drives normal.. then it may/may not do it again.. Fuel filter changed, newish in-tank pump.. crap, wrong section of forum..
  13. I installed a Sony 2din. It has Carplay, and Android Auto, B/U cam functionality; works great, and was cheap AF. like $200.
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