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  1. SOMEHOW, fuse 20/21 in the TIPM were pulled (they are joined in a fuse carrier) and were somehow disconnected from the circuit. The U0151 code isn't appearing now. But I still get a long crank, and (most times) need to remote lock/unlock to get the truck to start; otherwise, it just cranks/no start.. Man, the bugs/gremlins you get when a truck sits for extended periods of time.. LOL Thanks, Michael! Rick
  2. So I got my truck back together after 1/2 a yr.. But I get this U0151 (Lost Communication with Restraints Control (RCM) Module) I tried MODIS, and AlfaOBD and cannot connect to it. Tried following some troubleshooting tips on obd-codes.com, to no avail.. I am mechanically and 12V electrically inclined, but the troubleshooting tips made not much sense.. Anyone here seen this issue/fixed this issue, or have any guidance? The Airbag light is on, and I cannot get the truck state-safety inspected until it's fixed.. Thank you. U0151 Lost Communica
  3. Correct, and I'm aware it was a 5.9 pic. But I was unsure if the bays are really any different. I know the 6.7 turbo is alot lower and further back, too. But wasn't sure if the bottles would interchange, that's all. I appreciate your input, as always.
  4. I've seen a few 3G trucks with coolant bottle in the RR of the bay (pass side firewall) and washer fluid in the LF. My 07.5 has the combo bottle in the LF. What denotes the other (separated design) layout vs the combination tank? I ask, because I'd like to separate mine, due to some PTO pump clearances I'm looking to add. If one of you know what particular denotation the separated tanks are (or hell, even PNs), I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking to go this separated tank layout. Regards,
  5. Anyone have or have used AlfaOBD? I've seen it work (YT) with 4G trucks, but only heard about it works with 3G trucks. Any substantial knowledge with it for the pre-4G models?
  6. Happy belated, Michael. Welcome to the 50s.. Enjoy the new aches and pains!
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