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  1. my d&j engine was a whole new kit and kabootle.. top and bottom end. no longer a 53block. so there might be some confusion there sry
  2. Your old problems are all exactly to a T what I have with my D&J head. I had none of these problems with my stock motor til that 54 block cracked.
  3. My ddp 125s were smokier than 225hp mach 6s. Just listen to Jacob and go with infinite performance or don at f1 ...or Haley speed innovations. That's all. I've been happy ever since
  4. damn, now thats a story
  5. That's why I've donated before and donated to the tunes builder spreadsheet as well. Did that include new valves Mike? I wouldn't think you'd run used valves in new guides? Pretty hefty bill if not.
  6. Why a place like d&j wouldn't know to relief the head to fit top hat seals from a third gen on there behooves me. Maybe 2nd gen 24v's are overlooked bc of the vp44. I could imagine that . Let us know everything you got done and the cost please
  7. Great, so the head I got from d&j is probably a bad core they didn't catch. I pretty well figured that. I'm not really the type to kick and scream so now I drive a truck that blows burnt oil from every stop light. It looked hella coked up on the valve stems too thru the exhaust manifold when the mileage wasn't even much. Good luck /w your new head.
  8. rogerash0


  9. Im getting the oil smoke on startup too, and have seen my valve stem seals just like you show there. If you can let me know exactly what needs done to fix that I would really like to know. D&J Precision Machine had my truck for 3 days to fix it, and afterwards I still have the smoke problem. That's three sets of failed seals.
  10. Haha, ya good call there Treed. I haven't actually used the instant mpg at all, ever, but I must say that every time I hand calc my mileage (which isn't much bc my speedo is off by as much as 10mph at crusing) that my outcome lands right around 15mpg. Ofcourse I'm talking about hand calcing exact distances & fuel consumption based off google maps, since I know my speedo is bad. I've been looking at engine load % all along. It does strike me as ironic that the truck seems to burn cleaner with wiretap on while crusing and accelerating; I don't know if that's a function of having semi-large injectors (see 220hp). Here's to wishing the vp44 was more stout. At this point it makes me realize/feel like more fuel and more pump helps the compound turbos function properly, spool properly, and in fact create a cleaner burn. With 125hp injectors and 50hp injectors the truck only seemed to smoke more due to turbos coming online later.
  11. Felt obligated to report on the road trip up to Newark, de this past weekend I noticed engine load on the quad readout was down to 9-12% with wiretap turned on at 5% tps, versus 12-15% with wiretap off (set to come on at 45% tps). I was crusing on flat roads at sea level at 60mph much of the trip when I noticed this. It's the only variable I changed, and I did it on the fly whilst driving. Torque on tap is way up, I notice less smoke while accelerating up to speed from lights (unless I over-pedal), but it is a little more jolty if I let out of the gas too quickly. These findings could be related to my setup perhaps.
  12. rogerash0

    Dyno numbers

    If you figure out your valve seals let me know bc my d&j head has had ****** valve seals since day 1, even after 3 new sets, one that they did. Does yours smoke, too? I did 653/1250ish at firepunk with 62/68/14 and 475/96/1.32 with edge juice comp set to max with timing on 2
  13. rogerash0

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Who can tell me how the quadzilla *actually* changes fueling between lvl0 and lvl 5. I know about lvl1 ofcourse. But if I have an extreme tune, does level 0 completely take it off and all the levels inbetween are just a % of the fueling that my extreme tune calls for on the screen where you set all the fueling %'s. Does timing stay static across all levels, to wherever I set it? Asking bc I was towing with it this weekend. Also what is the quadzilla policy or stance regarding timing when towing? I had mine set on max and took it out on the highway and got up to 45mph before I forgot to turn it down, whilst towing my 28' enclosed, but I wasnt aggressive on the pedal hardly at all.
  14. If this helps half of ya, it'll be a success. Never done a video before and I'm drinking that good 9% ipa so anyway maybe this video will help ya out. https://youtu.be/MgtAT6CqR8s
  15. I've had a bulb kit and radiators show up from China but both were junk