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  1. Harmonic Sound

    My injectors are brand new from F1 Diesel and put my old ones, and new DDP's to shame.
  2. Harmonic Sound

    I've got a ticking now too, me thinks it's the belt tensioner. A friend with a Cummins lost two belts; replacing his tensioner fixed it. I have not lost a belt, yet.
  3. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Btw I meant to report with 100% certainty that when I drop into gear and the truck dies the rpms do not raise at all prior to stall. Also here's my timing/stats on a cold start.
  4. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Ya I figured that was the case :/ sorry man, hope she quits weeping
  5. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Sounds like u should make your own thread. I would think a sensor is cranky if your seeing that much variation of timing at idle. I went thru and replaced em all with Wells sensors , made in the USA from AutoZone. Their documentary of their apps sensor on YouTube made me a fan. I heard the T seals were pricey, that's why I asked. I'm surprised 1/4" line worked. On the leaky #2, do u torque it to spec or make it tight/hella tight? I am a fan of always using new orings. I'd be curious to hear if they fix your problem. I even bought new connector tubes a second time after having bought new ones originally... And of course they were the same. Ddp originally then bd for cheaper. I had the same problem. Did the same thing, sanding it down. Overall found it critical to snug the line first then do injector then finish snugging.
  6. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I rly thought I did my valve lash spot on the first time so I never thought it was the problem but after the second go around all of a sudden no hard start. Where did you get your rubber seals for that T and what did u pay? They are the only thing I haven't replaced... But mine are ok for now. But I need to do em. For #2 still leaking loosen all blue line clamps and loosen injector hold downs. Loosen line, wiggle injector with a wrench in the top of it as u snug the line good. Tighten injector hold downs. Tighten line rest of the way . Then do the blue line clamps. In all seriousness I bet u already knew that .
  7. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Mine had the same symptoms u describe and I was chasing it for awhile but. I think it was from me doing a bad valve lash job my first time. It ran fine when warm, basically what u said to a T minus I never put it on a hill. I also wanna say it started better with the drive pressure leak fixed, but I may be getting that and the valves mixed up in my head. I fixed both problems back to back.
  8. Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Do we know for a fact that the vp44 spits out more fuel when you send it command rates above 3600? We know the message will goto the vp44 computer, but do we understand what exactly it does with that msg/numerical command? In my mind I'm picturing beakers and cc'ing each injector line. Thanks for the answers. I liked all 3; short, long & vendor's.
  9. Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    If duration is Max at 120% why can it go above that? It's not that I don't believe you, I'm just curious before I set my Max to 120 and retailer the smoothness of the fueling from bottom to top.
  10. About had it with the Quad already

    If I knew of those time cycles in the first place that would have been good. Im expecting it to be fast, so if I know that it should take that long, I'll probably get less frustrated and mess with it less. Often times when your explicitly waiting on something, staring at it, 30-45 seconds can feel like two minutes. I typically dont mess with it, and agree the less u mess the better it works, but sometimes Im several minutes down the road trying to drive and its still not working. Thx for the advice
  11. About had it with the Quad already

    Got it, thx. I downloaded that awhile back and got lost as to where it belonged & didnt end up doing anything with the file. I know now that .apk files are apps for the phone. thx
  12. Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Why not pirate MS Office like the rest of the world? That's clearly not your taste, so its a dead end road to suggest that probably, but the load times of the open source stuff turned me off of it quickly. Also I just downloaded NTLite to combine NVMe drivers into a Windows 7 installation ISO and Im pretty shocked, its free for home use and has a very slick easy to follow GUI. You can definitely customize your Windows xx ISO to include all the drivers and software you need. It even has a screen to execute files after installation. It's definitely worth checking out. It even has a fancy page showing your current Hardware Profile to ID all the missing/not missing drivers between your hardware & what's loaded into the Windows image. Also Rufus will make you a "Windows to Go" USB installation.
  13. About had it with the Quad already

    Theres no beta app in the play store and I've loaded the beta 2.7 from the downloads here.. that's what had me messing around with that batch file the other day; i wasnt tinkering for no reason
  14. About had it with the Quad already

    I updated to the custom beta to see this progress bar, and I changed from 2.5 to 2.7 Quadzilla only and ofcourse I still dont see it. Seems to connect about the same still. What am I meant to be on to make this progress bar show up? ( simple things like this start to drive me mad, luckily I move on with life..)
  15. Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Moparman get a cheap hdd and have a windows partition on it? If you dont feel like pie'ing up your current drive. That excel spreadsheet made me the best daily tune I've had yet. It's not dailed but it was so damn close out of the gate I havnt bothered with it hardly. Carby: Thanks for mentioning - Decreasing timing in the lower RPMs will help to spool the turbo ( do this through timing reduction not timing sliders) I havnt been pulling timing through timing reduction. I always pull it down 1-3pts because my truck likes less, and I like less smoke off the bottom end.