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  1. rogerash0

    Dyno numbers

    If you figure out your valve seals let me know bc my d&j head has had ****** valve seals since day 1, even after 3 new sets, one that they did. Does yours smoke, too? I did 653/1250ish at firepunk with 62/68/14 and 475/96/1.32 with edge juice comp set to max with timing on 2
  2. rogerash0

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Who can tell me how the quadzilla *actually* changes fueling between lvl0 and lvl 5. I know about lvl1 ofcourse. But if I have an extreme tune, does level 0 completely take it off and all the levels inbetween are just a % of the fueling that my extreme tune calls for on the screen where you set all the fueling %'s. Does timing stay static across all levels, to wherever I set it? Asking bc I was towing with it this weekend. Also what is the quadzilla policy or stance regarding timing when towing? I had mine set on max and took it out on the highway and got up to 45mph before I forgot to turn it down, whilst towing my 28' enclosed, but I wasnt aggressive on the pedal hardly at all.
  3. If this helps half of ya, it'll be a success. Never done a video before and I'm drinking that good 9% ipa so anyway maybe this video will help ya out. https://youtu.be/MgtAT6CqR8s
  4. I've had a bulb kit and radiators show up from China but both were junk
  5. Mine never came from eBay and it says they no longer sell it. First time I've had something not show up legitimately
  6. If someone, me included, made a video: it could be summed up in 2 minutes or less. Im a few beers deep and did the mod a minute ago, so I cant promise it will be done, but it should be done..
  7. After using a fresh cut key my ignition longer turns too far back when I take it out.
  8. I really enjoy running a new charge wire, too. The stock wire looked cooked. I noticed some disparity between voltages on each battery, so next is run 6ga wire from ground to ground across the radiator. Lowe's had the wire half off at the end of the asile. Big thick copper stuff, not soft strand.
  9. rogerash0

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Its a big deal when you starve the truck of fuel so many times you go through a starter. Im pretty sure it hurts the turbos by then, too. TurboS
  10. rogerash0

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Ya I emailed them about that and the response was to buy and install a bd light to help get my attention. I mentioned the audible alarm like edge has would be leaps and bounds better, after my fuse on the airdog took a crap and I was without fuel pressure for I don't know how long because I had my eyes on traffic.
  11. My 98.5 does this on the daily. I think it was the cause of a flat battery on a camping trip in the mtns last year. Live n learn
  12. Good chance your fan clutch took a crap. I had similar problems in Montana pulling 10-12k enclosed 28' camper over some serious passes. Don't buy a Chinese fan clutch.. napa $55 HD or Mopar one from genos for 150$ is money well spent. I had a fan go into my radiator with a made in China one from AutoZone. Napa one looked identical but said made in the USA. Maybe the nut was a different color. Chinese one sheared off at the nut. My experiences with camper weight is dead on what moparman said. Verified at the scales
  13. Most woodruff keys are firmly pressed into the shaft and don't fall out, be it for whatever.
  14. rogerash0

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    I notice you show a Max of 3255 rpm. That's about the max I see too, quad doesn't fuel to 3600 or 3700 rpm like it claims. My edge juice comp you could feel fueling to 3600. It wasn't ultra hard fuelling past 3200, it was more like extended topend power. I still have the tuner and will do back to back testing when I have my quad 100% dialed.
  15. rogerash0

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Have the canbus fuel readout on screen when your crusing and I bet you will see low fueling #s that would cause low boost at cruise. You need fuel to make boost. Less fuel used at cruise better mpgs. Engine load is the fueling # / 4095 , so it's a function of the same thing. I did the math real quick whilst driving and saw that it was spot on..