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  1. rogerash0

    Engine stumbles

    Mine bucked to high hell no joke with the TPS Pump Max set to 0. I was towing and trying to quickly turn off wire tap by setting it to zero, and it bucked so hard I'm surprised nothing broke/The engine didn't fall out. My truck also bucked hard when lockup engaged at light throttle. Jacob thinks it's a big injectors issue. Solution is to turn fueling down to mid to low 70s at low PSI ... So when it locks the TC and I'm light on the pedal & low in the boost that solves the problem.
  2. Looked under *all Dodge* profiles again to see if the joke was on me. Not there so I made sure it was imported and got this msg. Quad rly feels like jumping thru hoops a lot of the time.. makes me not try out things here in the repository..
  3. Its greyed out when I try to import it the long way. Opening the file, it pops up in the iquad app /w the name "metune" and I click save, but I cant find it under any tuning profile including "V2 Dodge 1998-2002 4K".
  4. rogerash0

    Quadzilla Adrenaline 2nd Gen V2

    Excellent, my fueling problems past 3200rpm /w iquad have been something I have been struggling with. Thank you
  5. rogerash0

    Quadzilla Adrenaline 2nd Gen V2

    What does based on hard fuel tune mean/account for?
  6. rogerash0

    Engine stumbles

    I had ddp 120s that were smokey and laggy too. Terrible. They were brand new full price from xdp. Even checked over a second time by ddp. Went with Don at f1 diesel per Jacobs advice and it's the best thing I ever did. My 220s from Don smoke half as much as the ddp 120s. I went with the size don reccomnended. Jacob says f1 or infinite performance or Haley speed. That's all I'd ever go with now after my experience
  7. Towed 800 miles this wkend with a 28' enclosed trailer around 6000lbs thru Virginia and West Virginia mountains using 245/75/16 tires. Towed very well, around 2300-2400rpm at 58-62mph locked in third (OD off) on my 47re. Great power, great engine braking with a 12cm/.70ar exhuast housing on my 62/68 Borg sxe s300. Better towing characteristics than my 265/70/17 set. Got 10.5mpg on the way there with timing set to bottom of the green range on the quadzilla, and 12.13mpg on the way back on the exact same stretch of road returning with timing set to medium of the green range on the timing sliders on the quadzilla. Also drove 60mph on the way back and 50-55mph on the way there because it was dark and raining.
  8. my d&j engine was a whole new kit and kabootle.. top and bottom end. no longer a 53block. so there might be some confusion there sry
  9. Your old problems are all exactly to a T what I have with my D&J head. I had none of these problems with my stock motor til that 54 block cracked.
  10. My ddp 125s were smokier than 225hp mach 6s. Just listen to Jacob and go with infinite performance or don at f1 ...or Haley speed innovations. That's all. I've been happy ever since
  11. damn, now thats a story
  12. That's why I've donated before and donated to the tunes builder spreadsheet as well. Did that include new valves Mike? I wouldn't think you'd run used valves in new guides? Pretty hefty bill if not.
  13. Why a place like d&j wouldn't know to relief the head to fit top hat seals from a third gen on there behooves me. Maybe 2nd gen 24v's are overlooked bc of the vp44. I could imagine that . Let us know everything you got done and the cost please
  14. Great, so the head I got from d&j is probably a bad core they didn't catch. I pretty well figured that. I'm not really the type to kick and scream so now I drive a truck that blows burnt oil from every stop light. It looked hella coked up on the valve stems too thru the exhaust manifold when the mileage wasn't even much. Good luck /w your new head.
  15. rogerash0