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Truck won't start

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Ok so I replaced my contacts in my starter a week ago when my truck wouldn't start that fixed that issue! Now tonight I went out to start it and I noticed that mt lift pump ran for only 3 to 5 seconds and then I waited for the Posted Image to go out and it just cranks, and I get no codes. So I turned the key to the "off" position and then turned the key to the "on" position and this time the lift pump ran like it's supposed to for about 20 to 25 seconds, and the Posted Image came back on and I waited for it to go out and tryed it again still just cranks with no codesPosted Image. Now iv'e only had the truck a year, and replaced the fuel filter twice and each time I bumped it like required but I had to crack the fuel lines to get the air out of the system to keep her running. Thought maybe this might be related to the issue Im having. As far as fuel pressure goes I dont have a fuel pressure guage yet so I have no idea what that isPosted Image. Maybe my lift pump craped out on me? Is there a way I can test the fuel pressure coming into and out of the fuel canister, and the fuel going into the VP 44? If so how? Thanks in advance to everyone that shares there knowledge!!in helping me figure this out much appecaited!!!Posted ImagePosted Image

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