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  1. Compressor is controlled by the tipm, and most likely tipm is bad. I have seen it multiple times
  2. I actually just re upped my subscription to tdr.
  3. Stay away from purple parts I would suggest goerend parts if possible
  4. Avoid idleing, if you have to idle enable high idle if its an auto. Run the exhaust brake at all times. As far as filters run fleetguard. Best place to get them is genos.
  5. I always pull the cover, pop the seal out, clean all the old rtv/gasket out. Then when I install the seal, I use a small chunk of 2x4 laid flat across the seal installer and tap right in the center to make the seal go in straight. Takes a couple of times and seal goes right in. After the frustrating part is done I clean the front of the gear case and clean all the gears up. Finally run a solid bead of rtv on the cover and make a circle around each bolt hole.
  6. Call Erick at Browns Diesel. He builds Goerend transmissions for Dave and they are amazing. Stay away from those barney transmissions
  7. I just did a front crank seal on a pickup last week. It also had a groove in the crank and if you notice the seal should be flush with the cover. With the new seal I drive it in with the seal driver until the seal driver almost bottoms out. Now the seal rides on a different spot of the crank. Problem solved. Been doing it this way for 10 years with no problems
  8. Actually idle time in calculated on engine load so its impossible to see without the scan tool
  9. Ive done dozens of them but decided to buy the gould kit to have the tooling and it actually comes with two seal kits. I actually learned a couple tricks from the dvd that i didnt know before. Any oil resistant rtv will work. Ive used grey, black, red and blue. Never had any leak
  10. Cascadetransmissionparts.com I would change governor pressure sensor, geveenor pressure solenoid, and od solenoid. While you are in there adjust both bands and change the filter. I also add a qt of lucas trans fix to help coat the bands. Im not a transmission expert but the first two parts fix a lot of weird problems but I would chang the od solenoid just to be safe
  11. Ya its a possibilty to have an accident but I would say its worth the chance
  12. Make sure you hooked your jumper to the upper plug on the fuse that way the fuse is protecting the relay and you will have nothing to worry about
  13. It must be internal to the pump because it hooks up just like a fass or a raptor.
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