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jeep diesel.... what's the verdict these days?

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So, after  several  days  of  searching...  I've come up with

2005-2006   were the years  Jeep  used the  VM  2.8  turbodiesel.    rated  @  160 HP..     5 speed automatics  only trans.   (Dodge   545 RE  trans)...  same  trans  behind the  hemi.

Some  typical problems  to  watch for on this  engine:

   EGR  system sucks.    (loads the intake with oil and  soot)   

   Certain   throttle positions  and  vehicle speeds  will  cause   'TC  shudder'     

Both of these  can  be easily  fixed  with  'tunes'  and  an  upgrade to the  European version  TC .   Green diesel  engineering  has  that  covered...    "with  upgrades to  performance"     ECO tune,  Hot tune...  can see   HP  to   180-210..  Then there is  the  turbo  upgrade.  Pretty impressive  numbers then...


Liberty uses  the  Dana 30  front end,  and  8.25 inch  corporate rear axle.    

Since this is  a  major  'interference'  engine,    keeping the   Timing belt  'fresh'  is  very important.   100k  is   recommended.    Although,    It seems  like  they  knew about this,  and  have what they call  "BREAK AWAY"   rockers.. hmmmm,  to help with   limiting the  destruction of the  head/piston/block  I suppose!    

Then  there is  the  glo plug  breaking-off   causing   major damage issue too..

This is   a  dry sleeved  engine,   Iron block,  aluminum  dual OH cammed   head.

CR  is the  fuel system,  but  uses  no lift pump.    Sounds like the   Dodge Ram diesel    in- tank  lift pump is  a popular  mod  being done.

Engine parts are still available,  although  I've read where   sometimes    a  person has to wait for them to be shipped from Italy.

I'm assuming  these are unibody  chassis..    

...  I've been   thinking  about  a  'family truckster'....   piling  3 of us into the  '94 toyo  pickup  isn't  very fun!

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