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    Owner: Michael S. Nelson



    Be aware of my phone numbers. When I'm at home there is no cell service available. Cell number is used when I'm not at home. Cell WiFi is for the time when I'm not home and possibly could be near WiFi signal but not near cell service. Cell WiFi works at home as well. The order the phone number are listed is the order you should try contacting me. 


    Links above are mobile-friendly dialing links.

    Mailing Address

    • 5525 Highway 95
      New Meadows, Idaho 83654

    Directions To Mopar1973Man.Com


    Any email will be automatically converted to a support ticket for the staff to handle. 


    Support Tickets

    If you having problems with one of Mopar1973Man.Com products or website problem please go to the support ticket and provide as much information as possible. 

    Staff Listing

    Go to staff listing to contact other staff members by personal message.