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    High Pressure Injection Lines Removal

    This short article is how to remove the injection lines from your Dodge Cummins 24 valve engine.

    Most all fuel system work requires removal of the high-pressure injection lines from the Bosch VP44 injection pump to the head. I'm going to show you how easy it really is to remove the high-pressure injection lines from the Cummins 24v engine.

    The first parts you need to remove a few things from the area to make room.

    • APPS Sensor
    • Intake Tube
    • Grid Heaters

    It doesn't require complete removal of these parts, but it does require them to be moved. So like the 4 bolts on the intake and 1 clamp and then lay the tube and heater over by the PDC box. Same goes for the APPS sensor 3 bolts and disconnect the sensor plug and lay over with the Intake tube.

    WARNING! Make sure to pack the manifold and intercooler tube with rags to prevent parts or debris falling into the tube or engine!

    Now look at the top of the intake manifold you'll see the high-pressure injection lines holders are bolted down to the intake manifold cover. There 5 bolts (10mm) you got to remove. This will release the high-pressure injection lines from the intake manifold.

    Now look back of the intake manifold there is an engine hoist ring take the 2 bolts (15mm) out of that and remove it. The will allow access to cylinder number 6.

    Now everything should be loose and ready to removed. The first batch of high-pressure injection lines with being the front set which will be 1,2,4. When you look at the Bosch VP44 injection pump it will be these. The picture below is showing just the front set of high-pressure injection lines and the position on the Bosch VP44 injection pump.


    Now the rear set of high-pressure injection lines come off. Cylinders 3,5,6


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    Installed new injectors.  This was really helpful as I had to remove all the lines to install the new injectors.


    Thanks much!!!!

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