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  • Quadzilla Adrenaline - Light Throttle Load Limit

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    Quadzilla Adrenaline - Light Throttle Load Limit

    I've personally seen a lot of confusion in regards to proper setting of this value. The first thing is to find a piece of highway that is quiet with little traffic and with a speed limit of 65 MPH. Now find a piece of that highway that is flat as possible you can double check this with a GPS. Now that you have your test bed for at least a good mile. Make sure you mark your start and end of the highway so your testing is accurate. Now you want to reach highway speed of 65 MPH before you reach your test highway. Now set your cruise control to 65 MPH. As you cross over your test highway at your cruise speed take notice of the engine load percentage. Be aware that changes in timing setting will impact this setting. If your getting closer to your correct timing you'll notice your cruise load will continue to go down. If you are going too far retarded or advanced in timing you'll see the engine load rise you know that you are going the wrong direction. Proper setting of this value you should notice the vehicle reach a small grade or hill and the engine load will rise over your threshold and timing should fall and the boost should build rapidly. What is the correct number load percentage each vehicle and fuel system is different like my truck with +75HP (VCO 7 x 0.0085) injectors my 65 MPH cruise load is right about 23% I've got my load limit set for 25%. Stock injectors might have a much longer duration than my +75HP so your percentage will be higher. This why you need to do the highway measurement find your load limit percentage. As for testing speed I suggest anything between 55 and 65 MPH no higher or lower. Do not attempt to get get the Quadzilla to hold cruise timing beyond 70 MPH after this point it should flip-flop in and out and may just stay out of cruise timing. Like my truck even with my low drag I can reach cruise timing at 80 MPH but I can't hold it for long.

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