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  • Quadzilla Adrenaline V2 tuning Before and After

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    Here are some videos of the pre and post Quadzilla with V2 Tuning.  

    Looking to buy a Quadzilla here is the links back to Quadzilla Power. 


    1998.5 to 2000 Dodge Ram Quadzilla Adrenaline $699.99


    2001 Dodge Ram Quadzilla Adrenaline $699.99

    2002 Dodge Ram Quadzilla Adrenaline $699.99




    Side note, if you would rather have a pre built tune to start with you can checkout our tune repository.


    You can find the "How To Tune" article here


    If you find after watching the below videos that you want to upgrade to the Quadzilla Adrenaline, you can buy one in our store.



    7000' altitude

    7 x .009 injectors

    HE351ve turbo


    Pre-1000 series Quadzilla tune


    Stock fueling

    Post Quadzilla V2 tuning



    Locking TC and lugging the truck at high throttle


    Tune changing on the fly




    7000' altitude

    7 x .012 at 330 bar



    Stock Tuning


    Quadzilla on V2 tuning lvl 3 canbus WOT leaving light


    Quadzilla on V2 tuning lvl 3 canbus WOT Lug Down 


    Towing Gooseneck horse trailer %50 throttle take off 7 x .012's 



    7000' altitude

    7 x .012 at 350 bar



    0-60 WOT take off




    7000' altitude

    7 x .013 injectors

    62/65/12 over 75/96/1.32

    Pre Stock tuning



    Post with V2 Tuning


    Stock and Quad with V2




    Sea level

    7 x .014 injectors

    hx35 over ht60

    WOT take off on lvl 0 vs lvl 3



    Sea Level

    7 x .013 at 340 bar pop pressure

    hx35(62/64/14) over s475 (75/96/1.32)





    Sea Level

    7 x .009 injectors

    60/68/14 non-gated


    Pre Edge various levels



    Post, Quad turned up various driving styles


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    Love the v2 tuning, amazing at how the truck runs now. Not even sure if I'd still want to drive it if I didn't have it :hug:

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