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  • Quadzilla Adrenline Custom tuning FAQ

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    This article is to cover some FAQ in regards to custom tuning your Quadzilla Adrenline to your truck.



    Looking to buy a Quadzilla here is the links back to Quadzilla Power. 


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    Side note, if you would rather have a pre built tune to start with you can checkout our tune repository.


    Quadzilla Q&A

    Question Answer
    What Tuners Can I Stack With the Quadzilla V2 Tuning? None, Given the in depth tuning ablity it is best to not stack anything with the Quadzilla. Doing so WILL LEAD TO UNPREDICTIBLE RESULTS! The Quadzilla gives you full control over Fueling and Timing.
    I set my levels to 11 but I only have 10 levels to choose from? The level settings are always -1 as lvl 0 counts as your lvl1 if you want 6 levels to choose from set your lvl setting at 7
    My truck feels slow or lazy after the V2 update? Because of the way other tuners on the market work you are limited to a smaller % of TPS movement before smoke issues arise. The Quadzilla V2 tuning allows you to use full pedal movement. sometimes it takes some getting used to. Once you are used to using %40 or %50 throttle to get going the laziness typically goes away.
    But if I use more throttle to get going doesn't that mean I have less power?

    No, Other tuners on the market simple max out CANbus fiueling at an early TPS position. They might max out CANbus fueling at %40 throttle, we allow for more resolution in the throttle movement and thus max out CANbus at %80 or higher % throttle.

    will my MPG suffer due to using more throttle? No, You will likely gain MPG as your pedal movement allows for more resolution in fueling. Overfueling will be significantly less likely.
    How do I know where to start my 0 PSI Canbus %? Stock injectors trucks can almost always use 100 or 101% as a starting point. If you have larger than stock injectors you will need to do some tuning. Mopar1973man Recommends setting your power reduction % to 99. Then find an empty road and peg the throttle. If you have smoke issues then take your % down by 1 or 2 % until you are happy with your offidle performance.
    How Do I know when I have reached the 65 hp canbus fueling limit? Using the datalog function you can watch for canbus fueling to reach "4095" that is the max fueling command possible between the vp44 and the ecm. Typically a setting of %130 when above ~20-25 psi will max out the canbus fueling.
    How Do I know when I have reached Timing Max? The Vp44 will advance timing to almost ~25*, Using the datalogging function you can watch for timing to reach that value. Remember that more Doesn't always = better when it comes to tuning.
    When should I want added timing and when should I want reduced timing? A general rule of thumb is you want timing to decrease when trying to spool a turbo then increase as boost and revs rise. As you inject more fuel you will need more timing to allow for enough time to ignite all the fuel. Light amount of fuel at low boost also requires more timing as there is not as much heat to assist in igniting the diesel vapor. Cruise you also want higher timing to utilize every BTU possible of the fuel injected. To much or to little time in all situtations is not good.
    My truck dies when set to lvl1, why? Quadzilla allows you to set any % from 0-100 for lvl 1. this is VERY useful fo remissions or as a theft deterrent. Typically a Truck will not run if you this the power reduction % below 35
    My timing settings don't work. For safety reasons, the Quadzilla Adrenaline will NOT add timing until coolant has reached 160* regardless of what your warmup settings are. The ECM demands VERY high timing when cold.
    I set my levels to 11 but I only have 10 levels to choose from? The level settings are always -1 as lvl 0 counts as your lvl1 if you want 6 levels to choose from set your lvl setting at 7
    My tune is very jerky and I get smoke puffs as I accelerate? This means you are jumping to much between CANbus % per psi. You shouldn't make more than 2-3 % jumps from 0-10 psi in the CANbus tuning.
    I smoothed out my CANbus tuning, but I still have smoke? Ensure you are setting your Quad ADR to Lvl3 when doing your CANbus tuning. You don't want to have any wiretap fueling when you are tuning. once you are happy with your CANbus tuning then you can start working with wiretap.
    I set my wiretap low limit psi to 10psi, but I am still getting wiretap off idle. Ensure you set your "Pump Low Boost Limit %" correctly. If you want no wiretap before your low limit set your "Pump Low Boost Limit %" to 0%, if you %50 of your wiretap for that psi set "Pump Low Boost Limit %" to %50. If you want %100 wiretap before your "Pump Low Boost Limit psi" use %100.
    My truck won't roll coal with the Quadzilla V2 tuning There is safety in place to prevent too much fuel before high boost is reached. Smoke does not = power. We well-tuned truck will often make more power under the curve compared to an over fueled truck.
    My timing is set at 8* but I am only seeing 13* when leaving the stop light Max timing is used on a map. At low revs / boost timing will be lower. If you want more timing when accelerating at low speeds you can set your timing higher, but set your timing Scaling % lower. IE if you set timing at 12*, but scaling at %50, you will get a few more * down low, but will max out timing at 6*.
    I set my timing high at low speeds, but my turbo takes forever to light / spool Advanced timing hurts turbo spool time. Ensure you set your "Low PSI Timing Reduct" at ~3*. you should see timing near 10* when at high TPS and low boost. If you can use "timing reduct scaling" to limit how much timing is pulled, but make the timing pull more aggressive. custom tuning your timing will take time,
    I want to run the V2 Comp tune, not the 1000 series tune. The V2 series of tunes no longer use the 1000 vs 2000 vs beta naming structure. You can make your tune as aggressive as you want using the CANbus tuning and the wiretap tuning.
    My truck will not clean up smoke up top. Typically this is due to your pump stretch settings being too high. While increasing Pump stretch will give better seat of the pants feel, it can cause smoke up top. Also, HP tends to be higher when you use pump stretch near 1600 vs 2000. This will depend on the truck.
    Why do I need to datalog? Datalogging is a VERY important part of custom tuning. You cannot expect to remember what the truck is doing by watching the screen. Exporting your data log will greatly help your ability to fine tune your setup.
    What do I do to get 20+ mpg on the highway First and foremost your right foot and your tires / lift / speed are the most powerful tool when it comes to getting good MPG. The Quadzilla can greatly help get MPG numbers up, but if you are driving 75MPH+ and you have big tires there is only so much the quad can do. Use the Cruise max timing setting to get your timing to be ~20* at your cruise state. The base time for cruise is 17* so if you use the cruise time of 3* you will get a total of ~20* at cruise. Also, make sure your CANbus tuning is pretty smooth. You want just enough fuel at your cruise PSI to keep EGT's down.
    Lvl 2 and Lvl 3 feel the same? Lvl 2 simply applies your CANbus settings up to 10psi. once 10psi is reached it will hold that CANbus tuning. Lvl3 users CANbus tuning from 0 - 30 psi.
    Can I switch between tunes on the fly? Yes, you can select any custom tune from your menu at any power. The settings will take ~5-10 seconds to fully apply.
    Why do I need more than 1 custom tune? I thought the V2 tune was supposed to do it all? Thanks to the tuning ability of the Quadzilla Adrenaline you can have a race tune and a tow tune. We feel that you should have as many tunes as you like at your fingertip.
    Do I need any special flash to run above 3500 RPM? No, the Quadzilla allows you to set a redline anywhere between 3200 and 3700 rpm. Keep in mind not all trucks will turn 3700 or even 3500 rpm. due to the design of the VP44 it is VERY hard to make power than high in the rev range. We don't feel like you should be limited in your tune, but please have realistic expectations.
    How can I pass Emissions? Using the power Reduction you can set you lvl1 fuelin go be anything between 0-100% of OEM. A truck with 7 x .009 injectors should be able to pass emissions with a power reduction setting of %80-%85 6 x .013 might require a setting of %50.
    why does my truck jerk when I reach X Throttle Position? The Quadzilla allows you to not only set what PSI wiretap comes on, but at what TPS wiretap begins. Setting your TPS_Pump Max and Min allows you to move all fueling between that throttle range. IE: if wiretap min is set to %50 you won't get any wiretap fuel until %50 throttle. Keep in mind that this move the entire wiretap map between 50 and 100 % throttle. fueling will ramp up 2xs as fast once that TPS is reached.
    Why does my Quad / Truck X, Y, Or Z????? We are very happy to answer any questions in regards to tuning your Quadzilla to match your needs. Please visit the Mopar1973man.com forum and ask your questions. mopar1973man.com
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