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  • Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

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    Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

    Signs / Symtoms

    Just noticed today that the oil pressure is way high while driving and not really moving even upon reaching operating coolant temperature. Driving oil pressure at low throttle is 60-70 PSI at full temperature and idling is right around 60 PSI. Here's the oil pressure gauge, full operating temperature while idling...

    Even before starting, the oil pressure gauge shows 40 PSI, then after start up right to the 60-70 mark and doesn't move much. I'm hoping this is just the sending unit and not a bearing or electrical problem.

    Just got some codes on the dash...

    Replacing The Oil Pressure Sensor

    Replaced the oil pressure sensor today and the in-dash gauge is back to normal. Idle pressure at full coolant temperature is back below 40 PSI, 0 pressure before start up, and the oil pressure needle moves in correlation with the throttle. Still have the codes but I think I read somewhere they will go away once the truck gets driven a while. Did an oil change too but the oil pressure sensor has to be the culprit, I'm pretty sure it was the factory oil pressure sensor because the VOID sticker was still on the ECM harness and it had not been touched. New oil pressure sensor was $90 from the local Cummins place, new part # 4326849. Oil pressure sensor is located under the fuel filter and ECM harness on the driver's side.

    Quick Write Up

    1. Disconnect 2 negative battery cables.

    2. Remove two 10mm bolts holding fuel filter housing to manifold cover and push housing aside.

    3. Remove one 4mm allen bolt from ECM harness and pull back harness.

    4. If original unit, use a 32mm double deep socket to remove oil pressure sensor (old part# 3408428).

    5. Use 1-1/16 double deep socket to install new oil pressure sensor (new Cummins part# 4326849).

    6. Torque manifold/fuel housing bolts to 18 ft-lbs.

    3 prong
    New sensor is the smaller of the two...made in mexico
    You can see the ECM harness pulled away and the oil pressure sensor/harness below it.


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