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  • High output alternators for Rams

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    A lot of people ask about high output alternator options. So here's a chart with a few manufacturers listed below. If you find more, please reply so they can be added. This post is of course geared towards Dodge trucks but these manufacturers generally make alternators for anything. Simply go to their website and search.


    **NOTE: Always look into upgrading your batteries and cables first!

    If you have a mostly stock truck, you'll benefit from an alternator upgrade, but not as much as those that have big stereos, winches, camp trailers, excessive lighting, radio equipment etc... >>Good article<< I went through 3 "Lifetime Warranty" stock alternators from a big auto parts store before getting angry and spending the money.


    If you put in a high output alternator and excessive draw without good cabling you can easily cause a fire. It's always recommended to have a fuse or circuit breaker on the charge line even though a few of these manufacturers say not to. Upgrading your battery cables in general helps in many areas. Google "Big 3 upgrade" for more information and no it does not just apply to stereos. The grounds are the most important.


    A good battery with good capacitance usually helps more than an alternator, again these are for people with excessive demands who are unable to run their accessories without depleting the battery.


    A lot of these alternators are plug and play with your PCM but some PCMs cant support them, so the manufacturers can build your alternator with separate regulator to bypass the PCM, its an option that usually has to be ordered. You may want to ask about the recommended option for your specific vehicle before purchase.


    One other thing of mention, these alternators can be built in large cases or small cases. Small case alternators with really high outputs can generate excessive heat and as such reduce the effective output and life. This is why its not usually a good idea to have people "Re-wind" a stock alternator unless there's room in the case. Large case alternators will suffer the same the higher the output, so if you have 2 alternators with the same output with 2 different case sizes, get the bigger case so it can breathe! Some alternators require different size belts and are usually marked. There's also 6 phase alternators that provide a smoother power output due to more pickup points around the alternator. That's a whole different topic.




     Price Range

     Regulator Option


    DC Power Engineering


     469.99 to 629.95

     PCM / Standalone

    2 year

     Mechman Alternators

     Range 240 to 370

    399.99 to 699.99



    Iraggi Alternators


    429 to 629


    1 / 3 / Life

    Power Bastards


    349.99 to 409.99


    1 year

    Quality Power

    140 to 370

    230 to 750


    1 year?


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