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  • Mopar1973Man Cummins High Idle Switch install

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    Mopar1973Man Cummins High Idle Switch install

    Parts supplied:


    Switch x 1



    Switch Harness x 1



    Switch Face Sticker x 2


    Tools Needed:

    Drill + 3/8” bit
    Cleaning Wipe
    Small Flathead


    First unplug the batteries to prevent any shorting while installing. The Mopar1973Man High Idle Switch
    can be mounted anywhere that the harness will reach. The Harness is a total of 10’ long. 4 feet of the
    harness is required under the hood. A good place to mount the Mopar1973man.com Cummins High Idle Switch is on the Kick Panel
    under the steering wheel.

    There are a total of 5 plugs on the harness.

    Mopar1973man Cummins High Idle Board Plug

    The 8 pin plug on the end plugs into the Mopar1973man Cummins High Idle Switch Board. It is keyed so it will only fit in one way.
    Don‘t plug this in until later.  It is easier to install the Harness without the Board attached.

    IAT Plugs

    The 2 pin white plugs are the Intake Air Temp sensor plugs.

    Plug A plugs into the OEM Sensor on the Engine
    Plug B Plugs into the OEM wiring Harness


    You can see the OEM Plug/Sensor Location This is the rear Drivers side of the Engine




    ECT Plugs

    The 2 black 2 pin plugs are Engine Coolant Temp sensor plugs

    Plug A plugs into the OEM Sensor on the Engine
    Plug B Plugs into the OEM wiring Harness

    You can see the OEM Plug Location This is the Front Of the



    Mopar1973man Cummins High Idle Switch Faceplate Sticker

    The Sticker should be placed where you intend to install the Switch. ENSURE YOU CLEAN THE SURFACE
    THROUGHLY BEFORE APPLING THE STICKER. Ensure that there is at least 2” of clearance behind the switch location to prevent any possibility of shorting on the back of the switch. The center white section of the Faceplate should be drilled out once placed on the surface. This hole is what the switch will mount through. The High idle Switch will ship with 2 Stickers just in case one gets messed up during the install process.


    Power Leads:


    These power leads need to go to a fused 12v source, Red goes to 12v and black goes to ground.   They power the LED on the Switch to give you a Green light in MPG mode and a Red / Orange light in high idle mode.  


    The switch will work without these wires being connected.






    If you need more please contact Support@mopar1973man.com

    After plugging in the harness plugs to the OEM Sensors and OEM Harness, run the 8 pin Molex through
    the firewall. Gently pull the harness through the Firewall until there is no slack. Run the Harness to
    where you plan on installing the Mopar1973man Cummins High Idle Switch. Ensure to tie up any slack in the harness if it is hanging down.

    Remove the Knob on the switch by loosening the set screw on the back of the knob, then remove the
    lock nut on the switch. Install the Mopar1973man.com Cummins High Idle Switch through the hole drilled in the sticker. Reinstall the
    lock nut to hold the switch tightly. Reinstall the Knob and tighten the set screw. 


    Plug the harness into the Mopar1973man Cummins High Idle Switch Board. Ensure the Switch position is lined up with the sticker face plate. Turning the switch all the way counter clock wise will be the off position. You can rotate the switch position vs the sticker then tighen the lock nut.

    I have also created a couple of videos showing the process.


    (Part 1)


    (Part 2)


    (Part 3)

    Installing the Mopar1973man.com high idle kit harness




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