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  • 2nd Gen Sub dash pictures.

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    This is just a heads up for those folks like me who have the inner dash fame core mount deck assembly broken. I have been trying for several months to locate one and found some on eBay but a complete unit may run from $550.00 to $800.00 depending on the salvage yard that is selling it. Getting pieces from one that might be broke or ruined when removing it doesn't fly either. I have offered to pay a good amount for the broke pieces I need to glue back. With all the glues out there now that work excellent on plastic to plastic or alum or to carbon fiber it would be worth the while to give it a try. It's better than looking at your head light switch hanging or the A/C protruding outward from the top support piece missing and so on. But bottom line is the item is called by the title of this thread. Hope this will help some looking or have had their trucks broken into and the dash tore up in the process. I have some pictures of the complete assembly for a 1998 Dodge Trucks attached. I haven't posted pictures before but they are listed below under Attach Files. Hope you all have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.

    These photos might help if you are trying to rebuild your core and need to know what the original shape of it was.

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 001 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 002 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 01.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 03.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 003 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 005 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 0003 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 05 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 004 - Copy.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 04.jpg

    1998 Dodge Complete Dash 006 - Copy.jpg

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    Thank you for gathering up the different pics for the different angles, etc This is a real help as I am trying to get mine glued back together ..just can't see paying that $350-(partials replacement) to $800 price tag

    I would seriously look hard at a couple 2009-2015 dash mod's I've heard a little about before dropping $800

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