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  1. I put LEDs in my license plate lights (as well brake lights) & they to help when backing up.
  2. Sorry for the long delay. Had to finish it up & slam it into the paint shop. Found a couple problems & fixed a few. #1 1688 was operator error, New VP plug (3 prong under pump) was NOT plugged in. 2. The harness they sent works fine if you hook it up correctly (I had the wrong instructions & that was "mostly" on Fass). 3. Return line regulator (Spring with checkball) was stuck. Ball became stuck in spring, etc & was spiking the fuel pressure. So since I corrected these issues: No more codes, return fuel starts immediately as it should (although I think the return line should be as big as the inlet side in ***) & with the "New & Improved" regulator they sent immediately, All is well again. I did install the 165 & correct me if I'm wrong, but with the proper return the only down side is it keeps polishing fuel. I updated & upgraded quite a bit at one time (more than I probably should have), but I was in already in there right? I did get the New VP44 (rebuild with new ALL) new Injectors, tubes, vac pump rebuild, water pump, belt, & tensioner, Bolied, tested the radiator (due to catch can tube) (WOW, Mine looked just like the pic's you have on here,) Remote catch can & line, Harmonic dampner, Front crank seal, new gauges fuel/pyro/boost in the pod, (removed 3 miles of dead wiring under dash, 1 was an actual phone landline) reworked wiring for gear vendor overdrive, wrapped all other wiring, detailed the motor a bit. & here she is running. I have yet to install Quadzilla & APPS although I have them. Btw, I could not have done all this without this forum. Thank you. New VP44.mp4
  3. I installed a Fass Fuel pump & water seperation system & in the instructions it simply says unplug the power for the stock lift pump. Well needless to say that equals codes & Fass tech support had 2 suggestions. 1. leave it uplugged & if the code bothers you some code readers will erase that code from the system. Umm no. 2. If you go to an auto parts store you can by a resistor, "I believe it's 5 ohm & plug the power line into that & it simply tricks the ECM into thinking that it is plugged in and working fine. (hmm sounds like a guess, guessing I can do on my own thx) So anybody have a better idea? I'm actually getting 3 codes & it almost started twice, but I refuse to do long cranks. I have fuel up to the injectors already I started with 1,3,5 lines being loose. P1693 JTEC detected companion?, P1688 Internal Inj. pump controller failure, P0238 (I think) transfer pump curcuit out of range. Going to finish reviewing all my installs check it again after clearing codes & trying to fire it again. Thank you all. ! P.S. The instructions on this Fass System leave a lot to be desired I mean WOW. Another time I will elaborate.
  4. Well done, great pics & obviously very easy to understand. So why not change out the banjo bolt for a easy 90 & a fuel rated hose back to the tank?
  5. The way this is written, I wish I would have started here first regarding fuel pressure & just how the overflow valve affects it as well. One item though, so what do you suggest for that 5 mile steep grade downhill? Sure you can play with the throttle a little, but?
  6. I was thinking along those same lines, but wanted to hear it from someone wiser than myself. On the rebuild side of all this..thank god. Work just keeps getting in the way. Appreciate the feedback.
  7. Here is my question regarding the timing cover (see pics) there is significant paint and/or powder coating on the inside of the cover where the seal is installed. Any advice on this? Remove the build up without changing the shape nor scratching or putting a grove into it? I noticed this on the timing gear cover in the video posted here as well, curious if it leaked. (Btw most pic's on this thread & the follow up thread will not open.) I appreciate any input on this. 75K is all I have on the clock & yes it was leaking. TY
  8. Right? I'm with crf450ish, simply done, kinda. Thx for posting changing mine out today. :0)
  9. Oh My, This very helpful, Thank you. I knew this was going to be work, good thing I enjoy working on & with my truck. (most of it) Anything I need to do to remove the smarty tuner? So far (think I almost have it figured out) my list is going to be: Quadzilla with Iquadbt & boost fueler & fuel sensor, Boss Mech lift pump, 100HP dap injectors, new cross over lines, VP44 with new electronics & 2 year warranty, BD Stealth kit (for VP44), cummins remote fuel filter/water seperator, stock lift pump relocator. (Boss Mech works with the stock lift pump for prime) Have a couple other items to add & It could all change by tomorrow. (no jet ski this year).lol
  10. Good Idea, I will check it out. Thank you. I assume this one: https://www.dieselautopower.com/ Or did you mean this one https://puredieselpower.com/diesel-auto-power.html
  11. Okay well this is a wealth of information thank you to all that responded. I am going to do the Hot Wire test tonight, but I am not sure if that will define anything since it would idle previously. I am trying NOT to live in denial about the Inj Pump failure, but it is what it is & the truck sat a long time. I would be grateful for advice on changing out the entire system, I had planned on eliminating the OEM lift pump & the fuel filter/heater with a dual filter cartridge system, but any advise on what system has worked for others would be appreciated. I have been adding 2 stroke oil to the fuel. Anyone have any input on VP replacement? I would of course most likely lean towards a Bosch certified dealer, I find it interesting when places offer 1 year versus 2 yr warranties like Thorughbred (I read the electronic update, etc but come on guys) Thank you again..I will try to keep this project updated with pic's & progress. Thank you for the code responses, we have had 2 hail storms this season so I am very busy, but I am going to dig in and do it myself. Any suggestions on where to get a VP pump or Quadzilla?
  12. Running fine, turn corner push to 1/4 throttle instantly dies coast to shoulder. Sits for about 10 min to give a once over. turn the key it rough idles for 2 min then smooths out. It continued to do this rough idle start & then smooth out. Towed it home. Changed fuel filter, hooked up my Smarty to read codes. (7) codes P0251 Fuel Inj pump fail (replaced lift pump 6 months ago carter) (I can hear it run when bumped) P0252 Inj pump fuel metering P1688 Internal fuel inj pump controller fail P0254 Fuel Inj pump mech fail fuel valve P1693 Generic fault indicating fault in bus or PCM/ECM interface P0602 Control module programming error P0122 TPS low voltage I have not done anything else since changing fuel filter, I would also note that the Smarty gave me definitions slightly dif to what I looked up online such as P1693 JTEC module detectedin companion something or other. Any words of wisdom before I run pump & fill the stock fuel filter system? Thank you.
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