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  • Diasbling Factory Alarm Horn

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    Disabling Factory Alarm Horn


    Are you tired of the factory alarm horn going off with 3 honks (tamper alert) when unlocking the door or at other inconvenient times?  The horn sounds when the central timer module grounds pin 85 of the horn relay.  Here is a simple inexpensive remedy to stop the module from sounding the horn.  You cut the wire to the module; the horn will still work at the steering wheel horn button but not with the door locks or key fob.  You will need a phillips screwdriver, small wire cutters, and a roll of electrical tape.                    horn.jpg.17ea211658216704f70a69eb6980d03a.jpg



    Remove the three phillips screws at the bottom of the panel under the steering column and pull the panel off, this will allow you to see the central timer module under the dash and to the right side.


                                                                                         by joeld79

    Find the C2 connector; this will be the white one.   You can remove it from the module by pushing the small tab, located in the center of the connector, in and pulling down.   Now find the black wire with red tracer that terminates at pin 18 of the C2 connector and cut it leaving about 2-3”; this will allow enough wire if you need to rejoin it at a later time. 


    Finish by wrapping the ends of the wire with the electrical tape; push the connector back into the module, and install the panel.   There are no guaranties implied or expressed.                                                                           



     Written by:

    J. Daniel Martin

    AKA IBMobile



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