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  • P1652 J1850 Short To Ground

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    P1652 J1850 SHORT TO GROUND

    When Monitored and Set Condition:

    When Monitored: While the ignition is on.
    Set Condition: The ECM detects a short to ground on the J1850.


    • ECM
    • (D25) J1850 SHORTED


    1. Turn the ignition off. Disconnect the ECM harness connectors.
      NOTE: Check connectors - Clean/repair as necessary.
      Measure the resistance between the (D25) J1850 circuit in the ECM harness connector and battery negative. Is the resistance less than 10 Ohms?
      Yes --> Go To 2
      No --> Replace the ECM.
    2. Measure the resistance between the (D25) J1850 circuit and all other circuits in both ECM connectors. Is the resistance greater than 100k ohms?
      Yes --> Refer to the Body Diagnostic under Communications.
      No --> Repair (D25) J1850 shorted to another circuit.

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