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  • Dodge Ram Muffler Delete / Straight Pipe

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    Muffler Delete / Straight Piped

    stock muffler and resinator

    stock muffler and resinator

    Another simple enhancement that doesn't cost a bunch of money is straight pipe the exhaust. Beware in some states it is illegal to be without a muffler. Now in some states, a turbo is considered a muffling device. Some people think it just too loud. I will admit that without the muffler in place is it louder. I've been told that my truck can be heard up to a mile away.

    Now besides the noise and legal stuff. The bonus to straight piping the exhaust is that the engine can breathe easier. It will reduce the pyrometer temperature, increase horsepower and torque, and increase your fuel mileage.

    Basically, all you need to do is measure how long the full muffler assembly is and get a piece of 3" exhaust pipe and maybe a new set of clamps. Once you got the pipe have them expand the ends so they will fit over the existing pipe. So now when you do this you going to have to fight a little to get the old muffler and resonator off. I used a torch to heat the clamp spots up to get the muffler assembly off. Then slide in your new pipe and clamp it down.

    I've welded in some re-bar hanger to mount back in the rubber hanger on the frame to help hold the pipe up.  

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