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  • Turbo Silencer Ring Removal Cummins Holset HX35 HY35

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    Cummins Holset HX35 HY35 Silencer Ring Removal


    removing-snap-ring.jpg.c1d4a6dc70a7a9df6Your going to need two small flat screwdrivers to pry the snap ring out of the groove. As you see in the top picture one side has a tip that you can pry against.
    snap-ring-removed.jpg.d94536588911bccd6eOnce the snap ring is out just tip the silencer ring out.
    turbo-without-silencer-ring.jpg.176cc199This is your turbo now without a silencer ring.

    Remember removing the silencer ring will not improve performance at all. There is no gain in horse power or torque numbers. This has been tested on a dyno and no improvements have been found from removing the silencer ring.

    But you will notice a whistling noise as the turbo spools up... That's it!

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