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    Voltage Regulator Mod

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    Voltage Regulator Mod

    The voltage regulator on the 92-93 trucks is an internal unit inside the control module. If this goes out, you can mount an external voltage regulator like the earlier first gens used.

    A bad crankshaft position sensor will also cause your voltage regulator to not charge the altenator. You can also get by this by doing the following:

    The two terminals on the alternator for the regulator are interchangable. The alternator is a dumb alternator for an external regulator. The PCM is that regulator normally. The alternator does not care weather it is controlled by the PCM or a regulator. The PCM is not affected by not being hooked to the alternator.

    The two terminal regulator has the contacts in the shape of a pyrimid. One terminal is missing. The missing terminal and one other terminal are at the base of the pyrimid.

    Ok, hook the two alternator terminals to the two regulator terminals. Does not matter which goes to which. Now run a 12 volt line from an ignition source to the top regulator terminal along with the alternator wire. Thats it except you need a good ground from the alternator to the regulator case. On the 98.5 to 2002 the blue wire that is existing should be 12V keyed can be re-used for the external regulator.

    A little note on this system. If you hook the 12 volt up to the wrong regulator terminal, it does fry the regulator. Not much problem, seven bucks gets another one.

    The terminals for the regulator can be just the round female terminals that are used for connecters on lights and other places or go to an older junk yard and cut the plug from about any old chrysler product.

    Stock charging system wiring diagram




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