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  • AirDog 100/150 Filters Numbers

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    AirDog 100/150 Filters Numbers

    AirDog 100 & AirDog 150

    Part Number
    FF100-10 (10 Micron) Fleetguard FF5617
    FF100-5 (5 Micron) Fleetguard FF5587
    FF100-3 (3 Micron) Fleetguard FF5613
    2 micron fuel filter NAPA 3626
    WS80 (Water Separator) Fleetguard FS19768
    WS100 (Water Separator) Luber-Finer LFF9594

    SuperDog Filter Numbers

    SuperDog 200 Part Number
    FF200-10 (10 Micron) Fleetguard FS1054
    WS200 (Water Separator)

    Fleetguard FS1023

    PureFlow P/N Cross Reference P/N Manufacturer

    AirDog FF100-10 FF5617 - Fleetguard 10um absolute, 60GPH
    AirDog FF100-5 FF5587 - Fleetguard discontinued
    AirDog FF100-3 FF5613 - Fleetguard 5um absolute 60GPH
    AirDog WS80 FS19768 - Fleetguard 0% emulsified water/50% free water sep 20 GPH
    AirDog WS100 LFF9594 - Luber-Finer 95% free water/75% emulsified water sep 90 GPH

    NAPA Part # 3626 2 micron fuel filter works on the airdog!!! 6um nominal!

    More numbers supplied by 1lowdiesel @ CumminsForum (AirDog Tech)


    • Napa / Wix 3527 & 33527
    • Napa / Wix 3697 & 33697
    • Napa / Wix 3420 & 33420
    • Napa / Wix 3616 & 33616


    • CAT 1R-0751
    • CAT 1R-0750


    • Donaldson P551315


    • Baldwin BF1275
    • Fleetguard FS19768
    • Baldwin BF7634


    • FleetGuard FF5324

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