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  • BTU's of common fuels and chemicals

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    BTU Values for fuels and chemicals

    Fuel Type BTU's
    2 Cycle Oil 138,000 BTU / Gallon
    #2 Diesel Fuel (40 Cetane) 133,000 BTU / Gallon
    #2 Diesel Fuel (45 Cetane) 129,000 BTU / Gallon
    #1 Diesel Fuel (53 Cetane) 126,000 BTU / Gallon
    Conventional gasoline 116,090 BTU / Gallon
    Propane 84,250 BTU / Gallon
    Ethanol 76,330 BTU / Gallon
    Methanol 57,250 BTU / Gallon
    Mineral Spirits 19,000 BTU / Pound

    18,651 BTU / Pound

    Benzene 18,184 BTU / Pound
    Acetylene 21,502 BTU / Pound
    Naphthalene 17,303 BTU / Pound
    Naptha 15,000 BTU / Pound

    ASTM Labs Grading Scale of Diesel Fuel


    So is it possible that any kind of cetane booster / injection cleaner containing these chemicals can IMPROVE you performance? It's impossible. They have a considerable reduction in BTUvalue and extremely low flash points like gasoline. Please take the time and look up your favorite additive in my MSDS listing.

    Furthermore, for those of you that are switched to BIO Diesel / Ethanol fuels (Gasser). Take notice that both fuels produce less power compared to the Dino version. So it will reduce your fuel mileage some...

    The higher the BTU value the higher HP/TQ number and MPG numbers you'll net from your vehicle.

    So this also proves that cetane booster will increase the cetane level for sure, but it will decrease the BTUs and HP/TQ... This explains why in the winter time when they increase the cetane to 45 or better the MPG decreases. It because the BTUs were lost with the cetane booster added to the fuel. So this proves without a doubt a 40 cetane provides more power than45 cetane fuel.

    Quick Story...

    While I was at the Dyno when I got my results above. A friend of mine ran a very popular brand cetane booster in the main tank mix with the two-cycle oil at 128:1. When he ran the dyno on the two cycle and cetane booster, he lost about 15 HP/30 TQ from it. So he switched over to his auxiliary. Tank and ran just the two-cycle oil. The result was he gain back plus about 5 HP.So increasing the cetane level of your fuel doesn't mean you gain power it actually will decrease it!

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