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  • Vulcan Performance - Big Line Kit

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    Vulcan Big Line Kit


    Vulcan Big Line Kit was one of the best fuel system BOMB's I've done. I've down lots of research on what pump and fuel line kit to buy. The biggest thing was to find a fuel line kit that replaced all the factory banjos a plumbing. Be aware that Geno's Kit does not replace any of the banjo bolts or any of the plumbing forward of the factory lift pump. Also, Geno's kit is only 3/8" hose. Strange but true Vulcan Performance produces the Geno's kit for Geno's. So why do an incomplete job just get the Vulcan kit. It comes will all the fittings, hose, sealing washers, electrical, etc.

    Now as you see in the thumbnail above there is a piece of 1/2" Vulcan line compared to a piece of 6mm Dodge OEM line. There is no way to more enough fuel in a small fuel line like that.

    As for the electrical, you can tell Eric that you going to either install the factory styled Carter pump (Campaign Pump or OEM Pump) and he will send you the extension wire with the proper plugs. If you decide to install an FASS, generic Carter, Holley, Etc. He can send an extension wire with the factory plug on the one end and ring terminals on the other.

    Now as you seen before you tell Eric about the pump he will make sure you get the proper fitting for it too. There are 3/8" NPT and the metric threads.

    Since I'm still running a factory style LP pumps it a good way to show the change of fuel pressure with just the Vulcan Kit. This is with a new lift pump in both test cases.

    Running Mode Factory Lines Vulcan Performance
    Starter Bump 14.0 PSI 15.0 PSI
    Idling 13.0 PSI 14.0 PSI
    Cruise 65 MPH 10.0-11.0 PSI 12.5-13.0 PSI
    WOT 7.5 PSI 12.0 PSI


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