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  • Drag From Cold Weather

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    I've seen this a few times where people claim that cold weather will produce more drag on a vehicle just the cold dense air. So just for the fun of it I went and did the calculation on just the air drag part of it. Not factoring in other loses like fluid thickening...

    Here is the formulas I used



    Air Density


    Dodge Ram Specs including Drag Coefficient


    So using local information and building a test bed on this.

    Vehicle - 2nd Generation Dodge Ram 2500 truck

    Test #1 Winter (Column C)


    [*]+10*F Temperature

    [*]90% Humidity

    [*]2,800 ft Elevation

    [*]45 MPH (Road conditions locally)

    Test #2 Summer (Column B)


    [*]+100*F Temperature

    [*]10% Humidity

    [*]2,800 ft Elevation

    [*]65 MPH

    Test #3 Comparing both using both summer and winter conditions. (Columns E & F)

    Which this shows roughly 4.659 MPH difference between winter and summer condition will be nearly equal in drag.


    Just for fun compare 55 and 65 MPH...


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