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    Fog Lights / Driving Lights


    Well I added driving lights or fog lights as a matter of fact 4 driving lights. I'm using 100 watt aircraft landing lights mounted in rubber tractor buckets. The reason for going to this is fairly simple. I've purchased several driving / fog lights. The biggest problem is the lens in normally made from glass. Well out here in Idaho most of the road are gravel or they use gravel on the highways for traction in the winter time. A good set of driving or fog lights would barely last a season before the lens was blown out by a rock. With the aircraft light the bulb is a sealed beam so the bulb and lens is on in the same. They are extremely bright and can light up as far as 1/3 mile down the road in front of you.

    The new system I've designed has a few safety features built into the fog lamp kit.

    1. The fog or driving lamps follow the setting that the main headlights are on. So if you select high beams the fog or driving lamps will follow and go to high beam mode. If you select low beams the fog or driving lamps will follow by going to low beam mode. You never have to worry about blinding some one with this system.

    2. If you go from headlight to parking lamps the fog or diriving lamps are forced to low beam mode regardless of the pervious head light mode. But if you use the dimmer switch to wink the high beam the fog or driving lamps will follow. But will return to low beam mode when released.

    3. When the headlights are turned off the fog or driving lamps are forced off as well. You don't have to worry about shutting down a second switch. My kit also includes a bypass shutdown switch too. This allows you to run only your stock headlights without the fog ro driving lamps.

    4. The kit requires tapping a few signal wires. But the lights are completely supplied by there own fuse from the battery. This will not put any extra load on you headlight circuit. The kit requires a signal from the trailer relay and a signal from the fog lamp relay. That's it!

    This kit uses 100W bulbs so its some states this might be illegal to use on highway purpose. Check with local laws first before using.







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