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  2. One would think but sometimes this area will surprise you. Normally its two weeks from everywhere when you have too order anything too lol. Would be nice if it was only injectors as I’m wanting to upgrade then anyway. If I need to the VP can’t afford both at the moment nor have the time to do either of them
  3. I know there is Lake side diesel in Thunder Bay, Will call there to start. I hear there very good there.
  4. 15 seconds clears up on idle then once warmed up no smoke while driving either. Not even totally warm just couple minutes of driving even. Not that I’m aware of for pop testing. Have to start calling around to see.
  5. Here are two videos one of a startup after sitting for four days. The other is starting to drive. Sorry about the quality. 709B1D23-366D-41D6-8007-17CAC4DE838F.MOV 9C5389D0-2E73-454F-A820-C74B30D0C1B6.MOV
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I only have the edge cts but its reads 22 on idle and 20 on WOT. I know they are not very accurate but being around 20 it must be over 14 at least. Also running the fass 150
  7. I definitly dont want to maintain a 4th gen. it would just be nice to have the cab space with two kids. One nice thing about our 2nd gens is the parts to seam to quit abit cheaper.
  8. Its a stock replacement from BD diesel. Ya I would love to get my hands on a 4th gen crew cab long box. There is a nice 12 close to me just dont have the cash. Want this one to last me a few more years yet. Not a good time for my VP to be taking a s**t
  9. Ok, I understand that if I have that code it will be the pump. But I’m not 100% that the 0216 was the code that was with the 500 code. It may have been the 1693. The 0216 should come pretty quick tho if thats what was there before right?
  10. Ok great link thanks. I have to see if any codes come back. I just checked again and still nothing from the last few days. If i dont get the 0216 code do you think my issue could just be injectors. Like maybe a sticky one or something?
  11. What does this code mean 1693 this may have been the code not the 0216
  12. Whats the most reputable place to buy a pump? mine is tapped and if I remember correctly I can’t use it as a core??
  13. Thats no good. I only have about 70k on that pump. Running two stroke the hole time. So this thing is just going quit one day then. The last one was at 117k and got the dead peddle.
  14. Yes 0216 and 0500 i had a bad abs sensor changed and cleared codes they have not returned yet. I jave read that 0216 may have to do with the VP:(
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