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  1. What size is the bleeder screw on a 2001 Ram 2500 w/Dana 60? 10mm? Standard?
  2. I recently replaced my ECM with a Cummins Re-Con unit. the truck runs fine and it seems the problems are cured by the cruise control light is on. Is this something that would be cured by having the unit programmed to the vehicle at the Chrysler dealer?
  3. My drivers side negative cable has 3 leads, the smallest guage wire is attached to fender/radiator core support. Then there is the medium gauge wire and they heavy gauge battery lead, where are these two suppose to attach to?
  4. The original factory starter didn't last very long.
  5. Where do I attach the eyelet to ? Injection pump?
  6. Upon checking my drivers side ground wire I see it has 3 leads. 1 attaches to fender, heavy battery lead to bolt on engine block. Other lead has also been attached to this bolt but I believe it was originally attached somewhere else (maybe frame)? Will it make any difference where this 3rd lead is attached?
  7. 200V AC is the lowest setting on both of my testers. Still showing 30.8 on 200V setting, on 750V setting shows 030.
  8. Yes it is on the 200V AC setting the lowest setting with the wavy line above it. 30.7 is that even possible? I have a new alternator coming tommorow can i test it on the bench for AC voltage?
  9. Battery 14.32 on DC setting. AC fluctuates between 30.7 and 30.8 on 200v (lowest setting}
  10. Am I testing across battery terminals? I have a cheap tester hope it will work.
  11. How do I hook up to test alternator? I found the part #'s for ECM, Cummins part # 3947412, Mopar part # 38331300J. Can anyone reccomend where to get an ECM?
  12. If I Pm you my VIN can you tell me the part# of my original ECM? The rebuilt ECM has a 2 year warranty. So the problem could be with alternator?
  13. Alternator was recently replaced. I can get a rebuilt ecm for about $300.00 but it will need to be flashed and I don't know where to get that done, cost? I cannot read the part # on ecm. Will my VIN tell what the original part # was?
  14. I was having problems about a month ago. Truck cranked but wouldn't start. Check engine light on, codes present were 1688, 1689, 252, 254. Injection pump was replaced. Same problem, same codes. Took to local Chrysler dealer they cleared codes and said nothing was wrong. Drove to get fuel, truck was idling and just died and cranked but wouldn't start. When it finally started it wouldn't go above 1500 rpm's drove home on shoulder 8 mph. Sometimes when key is in the on position waiting for start light speedo needle with jump up and down and CEL will flash on and off. Help please!
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