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  1. ANother questions --several beefed up trannys out there like ATS --any thoughts on which one is best
  2. Ok Guys --2006 1 ton with an automatic ---last night on my way home I hear a noise that sounded like a flat or rough payment. By the time I stopped the noise had stopped and I barely had a forward gear..Look underneath and the fluid was everywhere ???Towed it in to Dodge --what do you think I am looking at and is there anyway to toughen up the autos :confused:
  3. Where do you find a used edge product for an 06 5.9 dodge
  4. Need help and advice --My Transmission is messed up...Its at the dealorship (on yeah 2006 5.9 3500 dually 56000 miles).The dealor called and talked to my wife and told her "something was out" best info I can give at this time. Cost to repair $700, if there are no metal shavings or anything when they pull the pan.Advice is this the time to put another tranny in the truck and if so which one. The ATS ? I pull a horse trailer alot ,but it only a three horse Any advice
  5. hey guys --I haveread that taking off the muffler on the 06 -5.9 3500 will mess up some sensors ?? Any comments
  6. Thanks for the info --I do pull a horse trailer about 50% of the time --had trouble with the auto tranny in the 99 --but so far the 06 has been great
  7. Thanks again --computer is running quite and and after a 1500 mile trip on 2cycle I am getting 20 mpg---am working on a4' exhaust with sneaker muffler --New question --any advandage to the larger finned tranmission pans ( I have an auto tranny)
  8. Thanks again --as a computer 3 rd grader I didn't know there was a profile ---I live in Texas Drive two diesels a 99 2500 5.9 (227000 and still going)and a 06 3500 5.9...As is everyone I am looking for better mileage and still be able to pull my three horse trailer.As retired law enforcement and a forensic consultant -I understand the extra you get as a fireman.Does the straught pipe effect your warranty from Dodge ?Thanks for the computer info --didn't know you were an expert until I went to your website LOL
  9. Thanks alot ---Question-- Can I run a straight pipe legal #2 question two --does eagle require a change to the exhaust because of heat? not sure if I am asking this right #3. any idea why my computer makes a buzzing type sound -especially when it goes into screen saver (know that isn't about trucks but you never know (its not the fans)
  10. Look guys and gals I am a newbie and I am sure this has been talk about a bunch ----But please just for me Best exhaust change? best programmer?Best anything else that I can do for my 3500 dually 5.9 2006----I am just an old cowboy and don't know about this stuff I do have the 2 cycle down pat Thanks
  11. Thanks --I have drovethem for years -but I am just an old team roper and have to have things layed out pretty simple for me ---I will get on the program
  12. I just found this place and I am trying to figure everything out... I drive an 06 dodge 3500 5.9 and my old truck is a 99 model 2500 5.9 ----I have tryed to figure from other boards what additives to use or not use .. I am sure this has been discussed 100 times ...but please one more time what is best and in what ratios if it is mixed :confused:
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