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  1. I understand completely. Mine is not even close to the point it needs to be removed and taken to the radiator shop. It just has a small bit of white scale in the upper part of the radiator...... probably where I ran it low on fluid before I discovered the WP was dripping. I don't even have to do anything to it.......... I'd just like to get some of that 'scale' out and was wondering if anyone had ever used either of products I mentioned for a radiator flush? If anyone has..... please let me know. Thanks again in advance....
  2. Have any of you guys ever flushed your radiator with **** & Span [4oz. powder] or Cascade dish washing powder? My friend at the parts store said either one of those worked great.... better in fact than the "Radiator Flushes" that you could buy commercially now a days. He said just put it in, drive it "a couple of days", and then flush the crap out of it till the water ran clear. At that point the radiator should be clean as a whistle. Mine is not in too bad a shape, just a bit of white crusty crud and I have to replace a "weep hole dripping" water pump anyway. So I thought I'd flush it before I put the new pump on and refilled with new coolant. I can't see where it would do any harm and he has been a reliable parts man for over 30 years at his own place and hasn't steered m wrong yet. But I have right at 300,000 on this 5.9 CTD an it still runs like a new one....... so I don't want t do anything to change that. Anyone have any experience using either one of the above as a 'flush' and/or can anyone see any drawbacks to giving it a try? Thanks in advance........ Chuck
  3. Thanks ISX, I was just trying to make sure so I didn't screw something up.
  4. Bottom left picture on page 12 also shows it. It looks a lot like it anyway. http://www.genosgarage.com/GenosGarageTechArticles/TDRGuide_FuelTransferPump.pdf
  5. Nope, the supply line fitting that feeds the lift pump is nothing like that. The fuel out line to the IP is just a standard compression fitting, but not the line feeding the lift pump? --- Update to the previous post... I think I found it. It looks more like the disconnect shown in the picture on page 4 of this link..... http://www.genosgarage.com/GenosGarageTechArticles/TDRGuide_FuelTransferPump.pdf
  6. My Lift Pump [Fuel Pump/Supply Pump, what ever you want to call it] is leaking and must be replaced. I have a few questions I shall ask below.... any help is appreciated as always. First off my truck is a 1993 with a CTD. VE IP that I suspect was turned up slightly before I got it. Otherwise pretty much stock. WOT NO LOAD is..... 2725 RPM. I got a Airtex #1407 Lift Pump from Advance Auto Parts today. Is this pump OK, or do I need to get another kind?? Does the VE IP need a certain fuel pressure supplied to it??? Or is that just the later model trucks and IP's??? Also, the supply line to the Lift Pump looks like it has a "quick connect" or something????? How is that disconnected? I don't want to screw it up. Does this engine have a 'push rod' that activates the pump? Anything else I need to know???? Thanks in advance guys...........
  7. Thanks again ISX..... Yeah I figured lineup out with no problem. But I did just go ahead and replace the whole assembly with a DAYCO one. Once I got mine off and inspected it I found that the tensioner itself also had some wear in the aluminum housing. That is what was causing most of the slight alignment problem that was causing the belt to "jump inward a groove" on the AC compressor pulley. Problem solved though..... only difference was the new assembly had a 1/2" square hole instead of a 3/8" to move it with. Thanks again.
  8. ISX, That looks exactly the same and tells me what I need to know. Thank you very much for the timely reply, I really appreciate it. Best regards, chuck p
  9. 1993 Dodge D-250 w/ cummins.I need a quick bit of info on the belt tensioner.1. Does it come off when the bolt in the middle is removed?2. I think the assembly is ok and I just need to replace the idler pulley. Is this easier to accomplish by removing the complete assembly.Thanks in advance.
  10. Set a new record [for me] on MPG in my 93'. :thumb1:23.447 mpg ... up from 23.2.General mixed town and rural driving with about 1000 pounds of stuff in the bed..... no towing.2 cycle / 1oz. per gallon of fuel.
  11. Set a new record [for me] on MPG. :hyper:23.447 mpg ... up from 23.2.General mixed town and rural driving with about 1000 pounds of stuff in the bed..... no towing.2 cycle / 1oz. per gallon of fuel.
  12. Same here Mike, but now... there is nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning!! lol .... ;)
  13. How often [miles] should the valves be adjusted on the Gen1 Cummins?
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