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  1. gassernomore

    Mustang Enthusiasts

    For any Mustang lovers out there. My brother, at the Ford auto show today. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1527366517311582&id=139004942814420
  2. gassernomore

    VP/APPS codes

    Do you still have the factory fuel filter? If so, there should be locations on the top that you could use as a test port. BTW when was the last time the fuel filter was changed?
  3. gassernomore

    VP/APPS codes

    14 psi is minimum. Anything lower than that contributes to the death of a vp. My truck runs at 18 psi and 15 psi at WOT.
  4. On my pump, there is a little screen on the inlet side of the pump. Mine clogged about 5 years ago. Never been a problem since.
  5. gassernomore

    Bright indicator light

    I am assuming it is an adaptor plug that is in the system. Plugs into the original wiring then into the lights. The lamp assembly is not original.
  6. gassernomore

    Bright indicator light

    It had a 9007 in it prior. Everything worked fine before the change.
  7. gassernomore

    Bright indicator light

    9007. I have one bulb.
  8. Replaced my head lights and now the bright indicator light stays on. Using the dimmer switch, I can see that the lights toggle from dim to bright. Had the batteries disconnected as well. Any ideas?
  9. gassernomore

    Floor Board leak

    Got them offf. Had to down load the manual onto another computer. My computer is in the shop. Had pine needles in the fresh air intake. We will see if that fixed the problem.
  10. gassernomore

    Floor Board leak

    Well my leak is not from the windshield. Put foam all around the perimeter and blew air from the inside. I want to clean out the fresh air intake. Don't know how to release the wiper arms from the shafts. Does anyone know the simple way of doing this!
  11. gassernomore

    Floor Board leak

    No idea! I logged in from my office computer.
  12. gassernomore

    Floor Board leak

    Never even thought of checking the windshield. Have to investigate further!
  13. Well, my first day after selling one of the family businesses is dealing with a floor board leak on the passenger side. We just had a rain here in Oregon. (Imagine that!) and the carpet is drenched. It is not antifreeze, haven't been using the a/c either. I pulled the carpet up and don't see any visible places that the water is coming from. My best guess is that the tire rotation is slinging the water into wherever it is leaking from. I pulled the kick panel and don't see anything there either. Any one have any suggestions?
  14. gassernomore

    Going to Oregon...

    It is a good time to visit the coast! Fewer Tourists. This is when I go to our beach house (30 miles south of Lincoln City). As for Portland, the only time I go there is to go to the airport. Enjoy your time. Before you go, check to make sure I-84 has been reopened. Been closed due to the fire in the Columbia Gorge.
  15. gassernomore

    No 4wd

    After replacing the vacuum line connectors, went thru and made sure I didn't cross the red and black lines somewhere. Didn't. Checked for vacuum at the switch, good. Checked vacuum at the first connection at the tranny cross member. Good. Checked at the CAD connection. Red good, black bad. Pulled the metal tubes from the frame, looked to see if it was crushed. Nope. Tried blowing thru it. Nothing. Applied air pressure to clean it out. Connected everything back up, put it into 4wd High and all of the wheels rotate. FIXED! The dash indicator doesn't come on, I can live with that. That must be the indicator switch. I was surprised that the metal tube had actually clogged. Thanks for the help everyone.