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  1. gassernomore


  2. My door sprinf fell out (see photo). Is there an easy way to re install it? thanks for any ideas.
  3. No fuel coming to the injectors. Have pressure before the pump. But just a little at the injectors. I do not have them even threaded in. What am I doing wrong.?
  4. I am bummed! Injectors came in Wednesday. The pump is not coming in untill Monday. Ordered every thing at the same time. The injectors are in! Just took my time. No problems. Other than the #6 injector is a treat! Injector pump is out. Got super lucky! The keyway was at about 5*. Never rotated the engine. Hurry up Monday!
  5. Yeah, the code can be reset. I might as well pull the plug, and fix it instead of putting a band aid on it! just looking over the write ups and starting to contact suppliers!
  6. Bet my morning is worse than yours! Started up the truck to go to the gas station for a drink. Coasted out to the main road, pressed the skinny pedal, blue smoke, no power. Turned around, went back home, checked for codes. The code that we do not want shows up. 0216. Guess can't complain, 190k miles on this pump. If I am going to have to prime the fuel system after install, then it is a good time to replace the injectors! Time to look at all the info for a pump replacement and injector installation!
  7. For any Mustang lovers out there. My brother, at the Ford auto show today. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1527366517311582&id=139004942814420
  8. Do you still have the factory fuel filter? If so, there should be locations on the top that you could use as a test port. BTW when was the last time the fuel filter was changed?
  9. 14 psi is minimum. Anything lower than that contributes to the death of a vp. My truck runs at 18 psi and 15 psi at WOT.
  10. On my pump, there is a little screen on the inlet side of the pump. Mine clogged about 5 years ago. Never been a problem since.
  11. I am assuming it is an adaptor plug that is in the system. Plugs into the original wiring then into the lights. The lamp assembly is not original.
  12. It had a 9007 in it prior. Everything worked fine before the change.
  13. Replaced my head lights and now the bright indicator light stays on. Using the dimmer switch, I can see that the lights toggle from dim to bright. Had the batteries disconnected as well. Any ideas?
  14. Got them offf. Had to down load the manual onto another computer. My computer is in the shop. Had pine needles in the fresh air intake. We will see if that fixed the problem.
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