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  1. skyhigh4by


  2. skyhigh4by

    Edge comp

    Okay thanks. The one I found was for an 01 and mines a 98.
  3. Looking at picking up a used tuner. I notice some tuners are year specific for 24v. I’m trying to figure out if the edge comp is or isn’t year specific from 98.5-02?
  4. I was having the same issue. Once warm it wouldn’t start unless factory lift pump was disconnected. New VP solved that. Now I have a FASS on a relay but no delay and it starts up after one revolution at 15ish psi. I did the same thing wiring the pump up to a switch.
  5. skyhigh4by

    Power lost intermetant

    It might be worth your time to check/clean any grounds you can trace down too. I replaced diode in my alternator and cleaned up all my grounds and battery connections and it was suddenly like a whole new truck. I was having all kinds of driveability issues before that.
  6. skyhigh4by

    Auto trans slipping

    Thanks everyone I think I can be fairly positive it’s running through the converter. In 3rd lockup when rolling on the throttle the rpms will flare right up as soon as the turbo lights but wheel speed doesn’t follow suit. @DynamicI was planning to go with the DPC triple disk and your towing VB. Anything else that’s considered a must do without actually tearing the trans apart? The only future plans for the truck are possibly some injectors in the 60hp range. It’s my DD and I tow either a 3000lb boat or 25’ travel trailer.
  7. skyhigh4by

    Auto trans slipping

    Fluid seems good I’ll give that a try thanks
  8. skyhigh4by

    Auto trans slipping

    I am mostly worried that I will spend $2k on a TC and valvebody, do all the work to swap them out and then still be right where I started. I suppose that’s just the chance I take without fully building the trans. In theory it should be in good shape with low mileage and it has had a really easy, low effort life thus far.
  9. 1998 24v 47re trans. 100k miles on the clock. Edge EZ, bhaf, and exhaust. I am having some slipping which which I notice when I roll on the throttle at highway speeds in overdrive with the TC locked up. I was convinced it was pushing through the lockup clutch and I was about ready to order a TC and valvebody. Now I’m not 100% convinced that will solve my issue and thinking maybe it’s my overdrive gear that’s slipping?? Is it common for overdrive to slip in these trans? I can turn off OD but then I have trouble even telling if and/or when the TC even locks up. Does anyone have any tips on how to really narrow it down?
  10. skyhigh4by

    Relay clicking under dash?

    U joint would makes sense to me and I will check it again but I’m quite certain the noise is inside the cab. Also the frequency,speed, and tone of the noise don’t change at all with vehicle speed.
  11. skyhigh4by

    Relay clicking under dash?

    Thanks I’ll check it out. I kind of doubt that’s the issue though. It sounds kinda like a typewriter and doesn’t make any difference whether the blower motor is on full speed or not even on at all. Could be bumpy or smooth road, speed doesn’t make a difference either sceptic it won’t do it when not rolling and only when I turn the steering wheel to the right. I can basically make it happen on command. It is definitely coming from inside the cab also.
  12. I have a rapid clicking noise that sounds like a relay coming from behind the glove compartment. It mostly seems to happen when I’m making a right hand turn.
  13. skyhigh4by

    why billet torque converter

    Okay I understand that after a certain amount of rotational speed/force things will distort. At what point does it become an issue for us especially with the low rotational speed of a Diesel engine? Is it the force applied on it or is it the speed at which it’s spinning or is it increased line pressures? Obviously engineers feel that a billet converter is not necessary in an engines stock form.. is a billet TC a sales gimmick up until a certain point and does anyone know what that point is?
  14. What is the benefit of a torque converter having a billet front cover or not? Im not questioning the internals of the TC as I understand what bigger/better components within the TC do but I’m just talking about the billet cover itself...
  15. P0713 (trans temp sensor high) P1763 (governor pressure sensor high) P0753 (overdrive solenoid circuit) P0753A (shift solenoid A electrical) I dont know what to make of these codes. Are they painting some sort of picture I can’t see? It feels like it’s shifting alright... I am just about to put a new TC and transgo kit in the valve body