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  1. UPDATE I adjusted the TV cable and got 1-2 and 2-3 pretty good but now I have an OD issue. For or some reason with light throttle it will try for OD at around 40mph. It’s almoat as if it instantly realizes it’s too early and it will drop back down to third then shortly after back up to OD around 46mph. If I’m heavier (50% plus) on the throttle the shift is much better up around 50mph. I don’t have an ac noise issue and I did an apps reset and checked that the voltage through it’s range is smooth and linear. What could make it try it try to grab 4th gear so early? The whole truck shudders when it happens. Seems to be more occurring when it warmed up too
  2. Besides exhaust and trans the truck is completely stock 100k miles. The VB and clutches are from John. I am going to call him just thought maybe it was something obvious I wasn’t getting.
  3. No I’d say the shifts are faster and crisper when it’s cold. Once warmed up the shifts are actually quite hard unless I’m heavy on the throttle then they’re better. All this stuff has been in for about 1k miles so it’s time to drop the fluid and I’m going to recheck the bands.(clutches and band are new raybestos GPZ) I was actually thinking that I would tighten the tv cable up a little bit at the same time. The shifts are pretty stacked with light throttle.
  4. As the title states. My 47re actually shifts a lot smoother when it’s cold. The shifts can be quite hard once its warmed up especially in light throttle conditions. I’ve tried google but can’t find anyone with a similar issue.. I have a suncoast triple disk, dynamic VB, and all the billet stuff. Other than the trans everything else on the truck is stock.
  5. Is there a difference between the front doors for a 2dr quad cab vs a 4dr quad? I’m wondering if doors from a 94-98 will fit on a 98.5 truck.
  6. As far as I can tell the problem was the edge. I can’t find anything wrong with the truck. Plugging the edge in has no noticeable power increase.
  7. It was next on the list after transmission which I just did. UPDATE ive been driving for a few days now with the edge disconnected. I notice no difference in the way it drives. Didn’t feel like any power was lost without it. No CEL but I haven’t had a chance to put the scanner on it yet. I also got stuff to rig up a boost leak test but haven’t had a chance to do that yet either
  8. It was next on the list after transmission which I just did.
  9. I unplugged the map sensor but left the factory plug connected to the EZ because I read a bunch of posts about the effect it should have. I noticed absolutely no change whatsoever. Power still feels flat and doesn’t even make the tiniest puff of smoke in any rpm/throttle position. Does this mean anything? I have ave also been suspecting possible boost leak but the whole zero smoke thing kind of debunks that theory does it not?
  10. Okay I was leaning towards MAP or injectors. I have access to an OTC genisys scanner. What numbers should I be seeing from it? I assume wat hung it while driving in various conditions? I had my scan gauge hooked up a while back and I think if I remember it was reading pretty close to atmospheric pressure at idle but would stop going up around 20 psi maybe? (Can’t remember exactly)
  11. My truck has 110k miles, edge EZ, 4” exhaust, FASS lift pump, Suncoast triple disk, dynamic valvebody, and an Oregon fuel injection VP. The pump has around 20k miles on it never seen less than 14PSI at WOT, always with the FASS, and always had 2 stroke. It recently FEELS like I’m losing low end power. Very very little smoke ever no matter what tune the EZ is on. Just feels like lately I have to push the throttle a lot more to really get going but once it’s wound up then it seems fine. No CEL. New fuel filter. Also my fuel mileage sucks (250-300 miles/tank) Runs great otherwise. Could something be up or am I just losing my marbles??
  12. Okay thanks as far as I can tell it’s in. I read a couple procedures that noted to make sure that it’s not sitting in the wrong spot and is properly engaged but nothing that actually says how to tell if it is or isn’t
  13. Just finishing up 47re build and I’m installing the valvbody with the trans on the bench. Is there any way to tell is the if park rod is actually engaged in the right spot or not without putting it all together and finding out the hard way?
  14. Next time I have a scan tool handy all check it out.
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