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  1. Thanks guys.Found 2.Hope I do not have to do that again!
  2. Need help!A friend has a 92 4X4, needs front wheel hubs.Here in Canada, the dealer says they are obsolete.Dana 60, casting number 102784.None of the wreckers in Calgary, have anything.Parts suppliers say, dealer supplied only.Found 2 sets in Spokane, but different casting numbers?They are 99756 and 100353.Will these work?What is the difference, in these numbers.One supplier says the numbers must match.Can someone help me out?Thanks guys.
  3. Remove bezel, be careful, it is held with metal snaps.Lower your steering column, it helps, start at 1 side and worth around, be careful, it is fragile.Put it to the side, the dash is held in with phillips screws or small torx, sorry I can't remember, 6 I think.The dash is connected with some wires so go slow and tilt it forward after the screws have been removed.Remember the position of the cruise light.The bulb is very small and unscrews from the back, small flathead will fit. 1/2 twist to remove.The bulb is available from the dealer.Pricey little devil, considering the size.Should only take you an hour or so, not complicated.Good luck.
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