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  2. Yeah, I will update. Been waiting to update to be sure things were resolved. So far, so good. Put the remanufactured ECM in this past Thursday evening and have not had any issues since. Knock on wood, I believe it to be fixed. I still cringe every time I turn the key and get really excited when it starts properly. Hopefully I can start to have more trust in the truck as the days go by. ECM fine print says needs to be installed by a certified technician so a buddy of mine stopped over to supervise so I could use his ASE number if there is ever a problem. Wish I would have tested some mo
  3. Thanks, I have studied the wiring diagram. Lift pump runs for a short burst when the key is turned to 'run'. If I bump the starter, lift pump runs for 20 seconds or so. When the truck is having it's problems, try to start it, it fails to start, back the key from the start to run position, lift pump runs for a very short burst and stops. Seems the ECM is shutting everything it controls off. Heard I could cut the 'shut down' wire to the VP44 but I hate cutting things. Any idea how to pull the wire and connector terminal from the harness? Tried a hollow piece of brass tubing down around th
  4. OK, did some messing around and found when the truck stumbles while trying to start, that I am getting a voltage spike at pin 5 to the back of the VP44 harness. It spiked and went away faster than my meter could keep up, but I hit over 3 volts, probably more, meter reacts kinda slow. When I started cranking again, there was next to nothing in millivolts and it fired right up. I ordered the ECM I posted about earlier, didn't seem like too much to lose. Have good power to the VP44 harness whenever the key is in the run position. I heard I could cut the wire, but I don't really want to band-
  5. Thank you for the info. I am not very good at reading those, but based on page 3, can I safely conclude that the fuel pump relay should have power to it whenever the ignition is on? I have worked on small engines that would turn off or not start as a safety if it read no oil pressure, I have good readings at the dash, could it be something like that? Also, 1 of the pins to the VP44 enegizes to turn off the engine. Is there any good place to probe for this with out pulling the harness? Tried checking the other evening and everything looked fine. Had a mechanic, friend of a friend, sugges
  6. I am definitely with you on the ignition system, maybe not so much the switch as everything else stays on unaffected. Is there a good place to probe for power from the ignition to the ECM? Where does the wiring off the ignition split between the PCM and ECM or is that right at the switch? How would the block heater make this not be affected? And why only once per start? Coincidence??? Ignition circuitry inside the ECM perhaps? Thanks a ton for the help and suggestions. Dan
  7. What is the knock sensor rtn??? does it do anything Pin 33 on the ECM, pin 5 on the VP44. I am suspicious of this and will keep and eye on it.
  8. OK, got the truck back, not fixed. Truck sat in the drive for a few hours, had trouble starting. Unable to do too much since the kids are sleeping and the truck is quite loud. Clue: noticed that when I cranked the engine and it stumbled, I let up on the started but kept the ignition on. The lift pump stopped as is things were shut down. If I crank the started any other time and release it without starting it, the lift pump runs for a little while, 25 seconds I believe. Also, checked power at the VP44 harness and it was good, ignition on and cranking. Also, very little current through pi
  9. Just an idea, Would it be possible that the issues are in the relay box??? Relay struggles to contact at 12v but works well at 14v when the truck is running. Could also explain the stalling which seems to only happen when the grid heaters drop the voltage down. The fuel pump relay would be the only one that could cause this since I don't have a security system to affect the ASD relay, right. I have replaced a couple of relays and moved some around with no cure.
  10. Thanks, I could not get the FSM to download. I downloaded the manual and the WinMD5. When I try to put them together, it tells me I have the wrong verification number. I may be doing it wrong, haven't had the best luck with computer stuff lately. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for helping me out. No updates yet, going on Tuesday to pick the truck up. I thought and pondered the ignition thing for a little while, however, when it stalls, all the accessories stay on. I would think those would die, too. I am thinking when I get it back, maybe pulling the ECM and putting it in the freezer (am sure the wife will love that) and plugging the block heater in. In the past it has always started fine with the block heater plugged in. If it gives me trouble with a warm block and cold ECM, 100% the ECM. I am somewhat afraid sending the ECM out for testin
  12. Hello, I am new to this forum. I spoke to Mopar1973Man on the telephone, Thanks to him for sharing his wealth of knowledge. Here is the info I provided to the service facility: "Vehicle information: 2002 Dodge Ram 2500, 5.9 Cummins HO, 6 speed manual, 4x4. Modifications: Injectors-Formula 1 Mach 2 105hp, Smarty S-03 programmer, FASS. Symptoms: For the past 2 months, truck has had issues starting ranging from a hard start to stalling nearly a minute after being started. This all seems to take place when the temperature is below the operating temperature of 190.
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