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  2. Diesel equipment a Bosch rebuilder put them on and set pop pressures
  3. I have a quad xzt what tune would be best for towing and we're would I get it from now.
  4. I can hit 35lbs without towing getting on it and the truck smokes pretty good even when not towing it clears up once it spool but till then pretty smokey
  5. Well I had a set of dap 120s and after 6months I had a broken spring in the number 3 injector. so I took my stock ones and had them redone with ddp 100 nozzels
  6. The truck is 6 speed it has air dog 150 gauges intake and 5in exhaust. MY GOALS. For towing up to 10,000 lbs I have a s300g 57/65/14 now. but it spools to slow and is smokey. egts never get over 1100 now pre turbo
  7. What would be the best turbo for a 2001 ho six speed with 100hp ddp injectors
  8. We're do I go to do my signature I can't find it. the resonance iam asking about this is I had dap 120hp injectors and the same turbo and the truck smoked less but now with the 100hp ddp injectors it smokes alot more until it builds boost
  9. I have 2002 cummins 6 speed with 100hp ddp injectors and s300g 57 65 14 and it spools slow and smokes alot till it spools at about 1700 to 1800rpms then it clears up.
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