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  1. Austin


  2. I am very sorry for the slow response, I am in the process of moving and have a whole lot going on. Yes, the torque converter was locking at speeds in the 45-55 range, and it still does it in that range VERY intermittently. I am chasing more then one issue, however, and can't figure out if they are related or separate. I put Vulcan's two filter system on the truck, as well as half inch lines, and every morning I am having to prime the fuel system before starting. Even when I do that, however, I pull out of the driveway and immediately get a dead pedal. I don't get white smoke from tailpipe, bu
  3. Hey all, I have found that the deeper I delve into this site and others I learn just enough to get me into trouble, and then dig even deeper to find a fix. My question is, what problems might you suspect if you: A) let batteries die, or B) took APPS off to test, and then did not do a reset of the APPS? I ask because I have done both without resetting, and had started getting issues related to one of our favorites: Tourque converter lockup. I have done the reset now and SEEM to have solved the issue... At least for now, we will see if it comes back. As far as the alternato
  4. Update: went ahead and returned that box as defective and put another one in and it seems to be doing much better so far. Also, the collar slid right on with no problems so maybe I should have taken that as a sign and returned it then and there. Thanks for everyone's help.
  5. Well I managed to get the collar on while still in the truck. I had to file down the splines slightly and then give it some love with the hammer, but it finally seated. this may be a dumb question but following the install it is easier to turn to the left then turning right. Is there an adjustment that would fix this?
  6. yes I believe I have the right box, I didn't get an aftermarket box or anything... Everything else fit perfectly, is that alteration the only one you have to make for that box? I also filed down any imperfections I found and still no-go. I can't purchase just a collar, I'd have to get the whole column for around $150. Not sure it's worth it to go that route.
  7. That's how I have felt about the situation! Ha. I've noticed a burr on the flat section of the collar that may be enough to catch. I'll file that down and see if I can get it on from there. If not I suppose my next move is taking it back out and perhaps returning it for another? The splines seem ok on the box side but that's just a quick inspection. My other thought is replacing the collar. Is that difficult and/or not recommended?
  8. Yes the bolt is out, and I've given it pretty solid taps. Anything harder and I feared damaging the splines.
  9. Hello all, I purchased a reman gearbox today and was very close to completion when I ran into a problem. The input collar that comes down from the telescoping end will not slide over the splines on the gearbox. I line the flat edge up with the corresponding side, wiggle down, and it only goes down about an 1/8 inch or so and sticks. I tried expanding the collar with a screwdriver thinking it was too tight from the previous box, but that doesn't seem to work either. I've cleaned up the splines really well and sprayed a bit of WD-40 as well with no luck. I have since stepped away for
  10. Awesome thanks so much for the info guys. I know I can always count on this forum.
  11. Hey guys, I've looked around for a little bit on this and haven't found too much so I was curious what exactly the advantage is of switching to a draw straw. I've looked at the Vulcan products and they seem fairly priced and easy to do, just wondering if it is worth it, or what the main purpose is to make this move. Thanks! Austin
  12. Hey all, I apologize for the slow response, and truly appreciate the responses. I submitted this during the site upgrade, and had issues logging on for a few days, so I chased down the problem and forgot to update you all ( very sorry.) I took a deep breath, took a fresh take on the problem, and started simply with the issue. I cleaned the connections to the lift pump, and managed to get my gauge to show in the cab "properly." I don't doubt that it is beginning to fail, but for the time being it is showing good pressure there. I believe it is an intermittent problem with the gauge. (it is
  13. Hello All, I'm new to the forum, but have used this sites detailed articles quite extensively to learn more about my truck, and to troubleshoot my issues. (A quick thank you to any and all who have contributed to the site, as it is very well put together.) Having said all that, I seem to have run out of road on my own, and need to ask a question for the sake of clarity and specificity to my problem. The truck is an '01 2500 automatic with about 250,00 on the odometer. To go all the way back to my initial issue, I started getting dead pedal symptoms with a P0216 code, and fluctuating fuel pr
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