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  1. mwingert


  2. I dont but I'm sure I could find one. Well its going to sit all weekend and then pull the camper home so hopefully it makes the trip back.
  3. I just got done pulling my 5th wheel for about an hour and when I stopped I noticed that there was a good amount of coolant splattered down the underside of my truck. As far as I can see it is not coming from the radiator or any hoses. It is wet on both sides of the motor and not mostly down low. My question is if the water pump was leaking would it leak down inside the front cover and come out the bottom. It is very hard to tell where this is coming from.
  4. OK that is what I thought, I just couldn't make it clear to myself based off the wording on the general operation thread. As always, thanks again!
  5. So it is safe to switch it off while the truck is running? I noticed moparman saying selecting modes while running is possible but not recommend or is that just turning it on while running?
  6. Ok that's what I was thinking. I was just concerned about forgeting to turn it off for the next key cycle in case I didn't need it. I will put some pics up tomorrow, it's dark here in my part of the world!
  7. Just got my new high idle switch installed and everything seems to work great. Question is if I start it in 6cyl mode and get in the truck to leave should I hit the brake to stop high idle before turning the switch to off?
  8. Having trouble ordering the high idle switch. It keeps saying that my address is invalid. Is anyone else having this problem?
  9. I have a friend with a 08' 6.7 CTD and he is looking to some exhaust and program mods. He has been having some local guys saying that he needed to install a fuel rail plug to increase his fuel pressure. He asked me and I had no idea what to tell him beings my truck isn't a CR system. Any info would be great.
  10. Ok! That is all I need to know. I will be doing it your way! Thank you!
  11. Ok, so as long as I installed it properly and kept an eye on it from time to time it should be good?
  12. On a different topic, I have been looking at your crankcase vent mod. Would there be a problem with running the same 3/4" heater hose down from front and along the bottom of the engine to the back of the engine, instead of going up and over with the PVC?
  13. Sorry guys I was away for a couple days. Thanks for the advise. I cant really tell you if it does it at a stand still because I have almost 35" tires and it doesnt like to turn all the way without moving. It only does it off and on and will do it regardless of speed. The sound has to be coming from inside the cab or just the other side of the fire wall, its almost like a spring winding up and popping. This is not to say that the steering box or maybe other components are wore out, it does have 200k and all the parts are stock except for what I have replaced myself. Also where is a good pl
  14. Thanks for the help. I guess I should have done the u joints when I did ball joints and the hub assembly. I have been debating on what else could be replaced to cut back on the wandering in the front, I figured it was time for a new steering box but I never thought of the u joints.
  15. Excuse my ignorance but I assume you are referring to the U-joints at the axle ends and not the front drive shaft. By unit bearings you mean.....?
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