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  1. ruedger455


  2. Yea I'm not a fan of the rock solid bushing. And my track bar is a bd diesel adjustable tracker. Big and heavy duty. Im gonna go through and replace all my tie rods next maybe that will help.
  3. Yea I need to fix the hydroboost leak but I havent a clue on how to do it. I got the new gearbox and new shaft in tonight and its still pretty sloppy steering. Thought that the new shaft and gearbox would tighten it up alot. But it didn't.
  4. Not right now, hard to get pictures where it's at. When I pull it I will.
  5. Yea that could have been VERY bad. Especially if I separated going 60mph
  6. Well I got under the truck.......not good. First as soon as I loosened the clamp on the steering shaft ps fluid came pouring out. I guess the input shaft Is semi hollow and it was cracked so when I loosened it it came apart. Also the steering shaft clamp IS aluminum and was stripped out. So looks like a new shaft and gearbox are in order.
  7. Yea Its as tight as it will go. I'm not sure if the clamp on the steering shaft is rounded out or if the input shaft rounded out. I assume the steering shaft would be a softer metal.
  8. Thank you I wasn't sure which one it was. I'm not sure if I need a new gear box or just a new steering shaft. I guess i could pull the steering shaft off and look at it.
  9. Whichever shaft the steering shaft clamps on to. When I move the steering shaft i can see the splined shaft on the gearbox not move by the steering shaft has rotational play.
  10. I do have the steering brace. That bolts under the gearbox. I'm gonna be going down to 33 inch tires here soon.
  11. Yea 35x12.5x18 tires, power steering leaks like a siv so I'm constantly putting new fluid in. But it leaks at the booster. I'm probably gonna get a new gear box as soon as possible.
  12. Ok so we all know that our trucks have horrible steering slop and play. Well mine was all normal and crappy then the other day my steering wheel popped when turning out of my drive away and now my steering is so bad I cant drive. If i hit a bump it shoots my truck into the other lane and j have to turn my wheel almost 180 degrees to correct it. I noticed that the shaft at the steering box where the steering shaft bolts to is almost like its stripped out in the steering shaft. Does anyone know if the steering shaft collar or the spline on the gear box are aluminum? I should probably replace both of them but money is tight right now.
  13. Such a relief!!! These are worth their weight in gold!!! Anyone know what this fitting is called and the called? Also this axe body wash is the best grease oil remover I've ever seen.
  14. If I drop the pan can I get to the opposite side of where this fitting is? Just to help incase pieces fall into the tranny?
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